Sketch Ice Cream

Since the weather has been so lovely the past few days, and my work load has not been to crazy, I have been getting on my bike quite frequently. I generally go down to the marina and bike along the trail (I saw a snake yesterday!). A few weeks ago, I notice a new ice cream place opened up, and I kept making mental notes to look it up online and maybe pop in for a taste, depending on what it was all about. The place is called Sketch Ice Cream, just incase you couldn’t tell by the title of this blog.

They make soft serve–different flavors every day–and they use Strauss Organic Milk. Thats a +1. And it made me really excited because I have not had soft serve in ages since it often seems to come from suspicious milk sources. They’ve also got homemade candies and caramels, and a small assortment of minuscule sized baked goods. They’ve also got “3 Buck Pucks” which is frozen yogurt in a cup that is frozen overnight to make a harder version of ice cream. When I walked in, I was taken aback by the lack of decor. I suppose I was expecting something more playful after reading the playful description on the playful website:

Reminiscent of childhood memories, candied treats, and dripping ice cream, we hope to provide you with a sensory experience… one that begins at the door with a warm “hello”

I was not really greeted with a warm hello, rather my interchange with the buddy at the counter was kind of awkward. I felt like he was distracted by something, and just not willing to help. The soft serve flavors they had on hand yesterday were: Rose Geranium, lavender, vanilla, and chocolate sorbet. I really wanted the Rose Geranium with the Chocolate Sorbet, but because those did not come out of the same soft serve dispenser, I couldn’t mix those together unless I got a large. Um, lame. I was a little disappointed by this, because I wanted chocolate pretty badly. I settled on a Small Rose Geranium because the flavor is slightly more unique then chocolate.

How was it? It was delicious. The rose flavor was just the right amount of sweet, and very aromatic. And the consistency was creamy and smooth, not at all icy. It was not tainted pink with artificial colors, so it looked like it could have been vanilla ice cream. It came served in a little paper cup with a metal spoon. I was surprised by the paper cup–I was expecting a “for here” reusable container. Below is a rather crappy cell phone generated photograph.



130504_0000After consuming the above portion in 15 minutes, I hopped back on my bike. After 2 minutes I had a very odd aftertaste in my mouth, which might have a few explanations. 1) I have not had dairy ice cream for a while and so it could have been the cream/fat content leaving a sheen on my tongue 2) the flavor itself might have left the aftertaste

Would I go back? hmmm…if I am in the area and really wanting ice cream, then yes of course. But will I go out of my way to get soft serve from there? hmmm…probably not. In a word, my experience was just…”meh”. For the fancy-ness it touts, it was just average and nothing really stood out.