more dough. and its sour

I went on a bread baking extravaganza about a week ago. I made a loaf. And another loaf. And some rolls. The loaves were successful. The rolls were not. Furthermore, I managed to break my ceramic muffin pan in the process. But lets back up.

First off, some great news…my roommate has a food scale! That means I can actually scale my ingredients rather then measure and guesstimate. Woohoo! But also, as i read more about sourdough from the book my mom got me, I am realizing that making bread is both an art and a science. Because once you know the role of each ingredient and how it reacts with the other ingredients and why, you can adjust ratios to meet whatever desire you have. For example, the “wetter” the dough, that is, the more water there is in relation to flour (higher hydration level) the final product will have bigger and less uniform bubbles. So even though I have a way to be exact and precise, there is always room for innovation.

Speaking of innovation…I added half a can of pumpkin to one of my loaves. This also meant that a lot more flour went into that loaf and I had mass amounts of dough. This is why I decided to turn some of the dough into rolls, which unfortunately failed, mostly because I burnt them. The pumpkin sourdough bread however, was lovely. It was not a sweetbread, rather sourdough with a pumpkin-y taste and an orange color. The pumpkin lent some density and moistness to the bread. It was not the light and fluffy kind of bread. I liked the dense texture because it was quite filling and satisfying to chew.

failed rolls, successful bread, broken pan

I put the other loaf (standard whole wheat) in the freezer because there was no way to get through all this bread without it going bad. I plan to take it out of the freezer tomorrow, let it defrost, and possibly pop in in the oven for a little bit before eating it. But, it was pretty, so here are some pictures!
my regular dough, pre-proof

whole wheat

pumpkin whole wheat

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