Sourdough Attempt #3=Success!

My third bread baking attempt and I can finally say it was successful and something that I would share with other people! Other than my starter, I used whole wheat flour for the entire thing. I like the flavor and texture a lot better than the while-ghost looking bread I had before. I was scared that not using bread flour would prevent it from rising and forming properly, but it worked great for an artisan loaf. Finally, I baked it “freeform” instead of in a loaf pan. Therefore, it was a little flatter but it made scoring much easier and it was fun to shape. Oh, and I managed to get a crust! Mind you, it wasn’t “golden brown” but it was definitely there, I could taste it, feel it, and hear it…a nice “thunk”. Below are some photos.

I was pretty happy. It tasted yum. 

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