Beauty’s Bagel Shop

or is is shoppe?

Anyways, a new place has been discovered! I was skimming through Sunset Magazine and stumbled upon a snippet about good jewish deli food on the west coast, and they highlighted a few places, Beauty’s being one of them. When I saw they were in Oakland only a bike ride away, I had to find out what the brouhaha was all about. And so Breakfast was had there this morning.

Beauty’s boils their bagels in honey water before baking making them “Montreal Style”. Montreal Style bagels are also smaller, denser and slightly sweeter than your typical NY bagel which is puffy and fluffy. Furthermore, they’ve got a real hole in the middle that you can actually see through, its rather big, instead of the remnants of a hole. They bake them in a wood fired oven.

These bagels were delicious. Had I not known what I was in for (that is, had I not known about the different types of bagels) I might have been disappointed to see a smaller than usual bagel. But I was not disappointed. I loved the sweeter flavor and because the bagels are denser, the flavors of the flour really stand out. It was delicious.

I got a wheat bagel with cream cheese, tomato, salt and pepper, along with a giant pickle because who can go do a Jew type deli without getting a massive dill pickle? I also was curious about the “vegetarian pate” on the menu which is made from mushrooms, caramelized onions, and a bunch of spices. I tasted it, and although it was good, the texture was not to my liking…to airy?

They use Sierra Nevada Cream Cheese which is made in Northern California from small scale dairy producers. It is organic, hormone free, and all that good stuff. Furthermore, the Cornucopia Institute has rated them with a “4” (out of 5) which is excellent. The tomatoes on my bagel were the most amazing things ever. Extraordinarily sweet and with a slightly tough skin they tasted like dry harvested tomatoes one would expect mid summer. I wonder where they were from? The S&P on top complimented them quite well.

Breakfast of champions*

My only qualm however, was that the bagel was toasted. In my opinion, toasting freshly baked anything is a terrible thing to do. If something was just made, it needs to be enjoyed and tasted in that form because the flavors are still there and the texture is still chewy, moist, crumbly, or whatever. Toasting is a way to salvage bread that is either a) not delicious or b) a little stale. When I head there next time for a bagel, I will request it not to be toasted. That being said, it is obviously worth paying Beauty’s Bagel Shop another visit

My friends open faced bagel with cream cheese, lox, onions, tomatoes, capers and a pickled carrot.  Apparently it was some of the best lox he has had for a long time, they tasted like ocean and not like fish. There was a giant fish-thing in the display case where I presume they cut the lox from*
*phallic looking photos. 

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