Sourdough, attempt #2. And meeting Michael Pollan

My second attempt was much more successful. First, I tried a different recipe. Second, I think I got better at kneading dough. Third, I used a cup of whole wheat flour. Fourth, rising time was better.

Taste and texture was good, especially when warm! but the next day the crunchy crust was not as crunchy…everything was more chewy. Maybe this has to do with oven temp? I did spray the oven but possible not enough, or just to frequently…I don’t know and I have to read up a bit more on getting the crust right.

Problems: this time it rose to much and popped before I got it to the oven. Thats what I get for letting it rise while going to class and not getting home for 2.5 hours, when it was only supposed to proof for 1 hour. Also, as I mentioned above, I am still not able to get that golden crust.

But there are some pictures! And I removed Stanley the starter from the refrigerator to come back to life and I will bake again on Tuesday.

Above is my deflated, overly risen bread
This is the completed loaf. I had to pinch it together on top before baking because it was all over the place (in case you couldn’t tell from the above photo) This may have restricted some rising in the oven, I’m not sure. But it makes for an interesting looking loaf. 

A roll. With some bites taken out of it. My bites to be exact. 

I am really excited to be done with midterms tomorrow for a couple of weeks. That doesn’t mean the workload goes down, but I am better able to manage my stress when I don’t have things due or things to study for and its mostly reading. This means I can hop on my bike again, its been neglected for quite some time save the weekly grocery trip. I can also read more about bread.

This past week I met Michael Pollan. He was very genuine and nice. One I introduced myself and started talking (telling him about alternative breaks) my nervousness seemed to dissipate. It was pretty awesome. He shook my hand. I have not washed said hand since. just kidding. But I am planning to go to his office hours in order to speak with him in more detail. It was really exciting to meet the person who got me interested in the food system a very long time ago. Also, since I have been reading lots of social theory, I can see it in the food industry in almost every sphere. Hegemony in GMOs, commodification in corn, rationalization in the fast food industry, reification in production. Theory is taking over my life.

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