starter is here!

thats right, you heard it. My dehydrated sourdough starter has arrived in the mail today…see…

It is dehydrated in that little baggie. Pure sourdough starter goodness (with wild cultivated yeast, not the commercial strain). It was time to…activate!!! I mixed it with a tablespoon of lukewarm water to rehydrate…
I am hoping that my water wasn’t to hot. Temperature is important because the little yeast spores can die if the water is to hot, and not activate if its to cold. Picky little creatures. I don’t have a thermometer, so I hope that my wrist was an OK gage…
I added flour and water (1 cup of each) and mixed it in slowly. I am using all purpose flour, although some recipes call for bread flour. I figure an all purpose starter can be used to bake bread with bread flour. Also, I didn’t have bread flour on hand and was impatient.

And here is my sourdough starter in a sauerkraut jar. It is sitting in my kitchen until tomorrow morning when I will feed it. I will continue feeding it for the next few days and I am hoping that by Sunday I can have a go at a loaf of bread.  

I also hope that the conditions in my kitchen are ok. That is, not to cold. I am considering storing it in the oven if it gets cold and putting a sign on the door to take it out before baking. If I managed to kill my starter already, well, I can always get more for the price of 2 postage stamps. 

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