Thursday ‘venture, disappointment, and more venture

Thursday eve was an adventure starting out with coffee roasting and tasting in front of Cafe Med. John of cafe casacurry was doing a roasting demonstration along with a tasting of coffee which he grows in El Salvador. It was interesting to see the beans being roasted, gradually turning from a green to brown due to the heat. Apparently, you can use an old school popcorn maker to roast your own beans.

We tasted the coffee in a french press (it was not the beans just roasted, they have to sit for several days to bring out the flavors). How did it taste? It was pretty rich and heavy on my tongue, a little to dark for my personal preference. But I do tend to like coffees that are lighter and have a slight acidity to them as opposed to that richness. 
Part 2 of Thursday was supposed to include some Monkey Head Ale at Triple Rock. Walking down Shattuck, we noticed a new place called Comal and there was consensus to check it out next time. Upon arrival to Triple Rock, the line was long to even get inside. Apparently, many people come for Monkey Head, especially during the start of the semester when there is time. What to do? Check out Comal of course!!!
Comal is a modern looking restaurant with 2 bars, one inside and one outside. The lighting is dim with rather large bulbs, tables and walls and bars and stools are wooden, and there are some paintings on the wall reminiscent of the inside of tree trunks. There was a crowd, but the high ceilings made it feel spacious. The food is influenced by mexican flavors, but with a modern twist (so a type of fusion I suppose?) Upon informing the hostess we were just interested in drinks, she informed us there was a bar outside as well. We ventured out (yes, there are heaters). 
The drinks on the menu consist of wine, beer, and fancy cocktails. There are also flights of tequila and mescal available. Prices are about average, 4-7 for beer, 5-9 for wine, 9-11 for a cocktail. I ordered a swizzle, which consisted of passionfruit and lime and pineapple. I was able to choose between tequila and mescal, and I opted for the mescal which has a smokier flavor (I was thinking along the lines of grilled pineapple). I was highly satisfied with my drink and the margarita that I tasted was delicious although very sweet after the mescal. We also discovered a tasty new beer: Saison Diego brewed in San Diego. One downside however, was that the tables outside by the heaters were for diners only which left us to the picnic style tables away from the heaters. There is however an outdoor fire pit and we were luck to find some seats right by it. I can see the table/heater predicament becoming a problem but they did just open, so I give them the benefit of the doubt. 

I would most definitely return to try some of the other drinks on the menu and possibly one of the smaller plates. 

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