Carroty Mac

Friday I cooked. I had a bag of carrots in my fridge which I wanted to use as they had been there for about a week. I decided to make Vegan Mac n Cheese, but being inspired by this bag of carrots meant I had to incorporate them into the recipe. No problem…just add them to the cheezy sauce! That way, my pasta could also take upon the orangey shade so commonly found among the kraft varieties of mac n cheese. I also added caramelized onion because I thought the sweetness from the carrots and the onion could compliment each other in the dish. So here is what I did (when I cook, I don’t usually measure unless I am following a recipe. all is seasoned to taste usually, and is never a problem when cooking for one).

So first I chopped 2 onions and began to caramelize them with a bit of olive oil and a spoonful of brown sugar. It takes about 40 minutes to get them as brown and sweet as I like, so while that was happening, I peeled the carrots and boiled them. That way, they would be easier to chop in the tiny dilapidated food processor we own.

For my “cheezy sauce” I used a block of silken tofu, lemon juice, soy sauce, dijon mustard, nutritional yeast, and a packet of “chreese” cheddar mix. [for those who are unaware, chreese is a combination of nutritional yeast, onion powder, garlic, and other assorted spices, along with some thickeners such as potato/tapioca starch. Its very tangy and is the easy/lazy way out) Anyhow, I put the above ingredients in the food processor and gave it a whirl. By this time the carrots were soft enough for some chopping action. (carrots on the right, sauce on the left)

It is unfortunate that I couldn’t get the carrots as finely grated as I wanted and I was left with some bigger chunks. I wanted them to mix in and not be as noticeable in size, but I deal with what I have. So I combined the tofu, the carrots, and the onions which were by now nice and brown. This was my sauce. All that remained was boiling some pasta and stirring it all together, which is pretty minimal on the effort scale. 

Overall, I was very pleased with this dish. The carrots and onions not only complimented each other, but they added a hint of sweetness to the usually tangy dish. Furthermore, it was a nice shade of orange, but Oh how I wish our food processor was more hardcore!

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