frigid bike ride adventure

It was rather cold outside, but after a little persuasion I decided to head out on my bike towards the marina. Possibly not the wisest decision as my throat is somewhat sore and swollen today and I feel a bit on the sickish side. However, upon smelling something quite delicious, we decided to follow our noses and find out what it was.

“that smells good”
“its coming from here!”
“lets find out what it is”
“you wanna?!”

So what was this place? It is called Vik’s Chaat and Market. It is an Indian food store with a cafeteria style restaurant cafe attached serving authentic Indian Street Food. I was please to find both Marmite and Vegemite in the shop in the mini-british foods section which I found rather ironic but not random given British and Indian History. Anyhow, they also had nuts and dried fruit, lots of spices and grains, assortments of chutneys and curries and breads and sweets. And all fairly prices.

Walking through the corridor leads towards the cafeteria looking place where they menu is posted in chalk above the order counter, but there is also a picture menu aka Indian food for Dummies (which yes, I looked at). Its got pictures, descriptions, and also deciphers the Vegan options, of which there are plenty. Around the perimeter of the room is where the cooking stations are and after you order you wait for your name to be called. Of course they have drinks such as chai and lassi, along with a sweets case.

I ordered Paratha, an Indian breakfast type food which was a massive pancake looking type thing with cauliflower filling and lots of spices. It came with a side of spiced/pickled vegetables (called achar, I believe?) Anyhow, it was hot and delicious, slightly crispy on the outside and steaming warm as I pulled it apart with my hands. I needed a tissue as my nose began to water from the spice combination, not because it was hot-spicy but because it was spiced-spicy. My friend got some burrito looking thing with chicken, and some hot chai. Despite being milk based, I tasted the chai and holy guacamole was it tasty. To bad there is no soy option. Anyways, I am eager to go back and try the other delights and delicacies that this place offers and to buy some stuff at the shop.

It is funny how I have passed by this place SO MANY times while riding but never bothered to stop because its just a small door in a warehouse looking building. But now that I know what lies behind the door…nothing will ever be the same.

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