"to do" list, revisited

Summer break is coming to an end, so I thought I would repost my “to do” list from June. I managed to get a fair bit of it done, which makes me very happy. Although I didn’t get through it all, i did a lot of stuff that was not even on it…thats a good balance. 

organize old papers and assignments from this past year, chucking out old stuff that no longer holds any importance
plant seeds that I got from the seed bank
-poke around the ashby flea market (for planters?)
-bike or walk along the golden gate
-bike around the embarcadero
-explore san pablo ave, specifically some of the ethnic food stores and random boutiques
-explore Solano avenue and maybe a bit of Albany
explore 4th street by the marina
rent electric bikes and ride around
-go to ACME bread
-go to the kingfish bar
go to babette coffee and read
go to arbor café and read
berkeley art museum
-eli’s mile high club
jack london square adventure in oakland
eat at homeroom mac+cheese
-go to star meats and buy eggs from soul food farms
eat at souley vegan
-crixa cakes
-masse’s pastry [went in, but didn’t buy anything, so it half counts]
get ice cream from ici
-walk along the pier
chocolatier blue
-edible love chocolates
-farmers market
eat at kind crème
visit café gratitude for a compare and contrast between the berkeley location
-learn how to drive stick shift [tried it, but I am far from being able to do so on my own]
-drag races
-go to Eagle Rock Brewery’s Sunday tour and tasting
-see a show at the upright citizens brigade (saw 2!)
-go to Cinespia [missed it]
scoops ice cream parlor
-silverlake usuals: farmers market, intelligentsia, flore vegan, grassy knoll, the thirsty crow, tiki ti, pazzo gelato, lark cupcakes, 4100 bar, berlincurrywurst
eat at food+lab [i got food to go, that still counts]
try heywood grilled cheese shoppe
have coffee at handsome coffee roasters new coffee bar
visit my old starbucks store
-sunset beer company
-see people
-clear and sort and organize emails/my inbox
-which leads to organize computer/delete files from this semester
read and find food articles for next year
-learn about whiskey
-learn about beer
-learn about and bake artisan bread
make pasta from scratch
-make marzipan
-make vegan cheese
-learn canning techniques and how to make jam and pickles from my dad
-press flowers
-go scavenging for goods at yard sales
-possibly watch a few movies (note: this will most likely have to be forced upon me, or a film that I have been dying to see)
-read non-school related books and/or magazines and/or newspapers

THINGS I DID THAT WERE NOT ON MY LIST: made pies, cookies, pudding, salads, bbq sauce, tofu dishes, hosted a party, went to drag races, went bar hopping in downtown, rode the merry go round in griffith park, swam at the standard hotel, did a photo shoot, made vegan mac and cheese, discovered new music, went into SF for bi-rite and dolores park, went to golden gate park and the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit, watched olympics, cooked with kids, and had a blast at camp. 

I was so excited to be back in Berkeley, I really like living here and being here in the area and the friends that I made and the life I have created over the past year. I am a little bit in denial that classes start on Thursday. However, I did buy my books and I am feeling a twinge of excitement about classes starting and reading, but I also have a tendency to romanticize school. My goal for this semester is to incorporate more hobbies and leisure between academics. Obviously, there will be times where that is not possible (ie midterms and finals) but during the weeks between I would like to carve out time to bake or bike. This means that the obligation I feel to always be studying or reading even if I don’t really have to has to be somehow tempered down. I think a good way to start going about this is studying in places other than my room so when I am home it is my time. So, I shall see how this goes during the semester. I want to enjoy being in berkeley because I have no idea where I will be living next year…

…speaking of next year, many people are planning and pontificating what they will be doing, because after all, one is supposed to enter the real world after college. As for me, I have no idea what I want to do next year. That is, I know what I want to do, but it is not professional career track stuff by any means. I would like to work at camp again next summer and then 
a) either stay in berkeley and work at a cafe or bakery or vegan restaurant. 
b) move back to LA and work at a cafe or bakery or vegan restaurant. 
living in berkeley allows me to live on my own in a city I love
living in LA allows me to save money so I can go travel Europe.
I am leaning more towards option B because now would be the best time to travel, not being tied down to anything. 

Another option is to apply for americorps or other stipend type programs for 1 or 2 years. I may apply because now would be the year to do that, but even the application process is not something I really feel like dealing with because I really want to enter the foodservice industry somehow (hence working somewhere that serves and bakes food to learn the trade and eventually go to culinary school and open a bakery) Berkeley should offer a Culinary Arts program. 

I am surprisingly ok with my post undergrad aspirations (or lack thereof) because I know I would be completely miserable going right into grad school or a job that requires a lot of responsibilities at this point in my life. I want work to be a means to an end, not an end in and of itself that comes home with me in a nagging manner at the end of each day. 

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