Its been crazily hot in LA which is a little bit upsetting because when its in the mid 90’s the last thing I want to do is walk around silverlake even though I really want to walk around silverlake during my last few days here. I also do not feel like cooking or baking because turning on the stove or oven is not conducive to staying cool. Instead I find myself drooped over a couch in front of a fan haphazardly gazing at a book. or the closing olympic ceremony. or a netflix movie. I suppose I need to get as much of this in as possible before thursday. Whats Thursday? I drive up to Berkeley.

Saturday was our Epic Multipurpose Party! What did it celebrate? A housewarming, my early birthday, my sisters going to college, end of summer aannnndddd my friends got engaged so we toasted to that too. I like to think the party was a success, but please, correct me if I am wrong. We had about 80-some odd people here through the night between the hours of 5 pm and 2 am. My sister’s band played at 8:30 which was our hour of peak attendance. There was food and drink, potluck style, so the spread was pretty glorious. Among the goodies were, of course, homemade hummus by my dad (beans soaked and cooked from scratch which gave the hummus an underlying sweetness).

He made 2 giant bowls which were gone within the first 2 hours. There was also: lentil salad, tomato and fig salad, mac and cheese, potato perogi, potato salad, teriyaki chicken, a beautiful veggie platter, fruit salad, chips, salsa, guacamole, cookies, cheesecake, chocolate cake, champagne, wine, beer, and vodka watermelon. nom nom nom.

The backyard was decorated with lazers, twinkly lights, and tiki torches. Party favor pins were also part of the production, with funny sayings ie: I got drunk, I blacked out, I learned hebrew, I became a jew, I lost my matzoh balls, I lost my yarmulke…at the Avraham’s house party

It was really funny to see people (my parents friends) that knew me as a small child and who I have not seen for several years. Hosting is not a simple task (despite being fun) because of having to mingle with all the assorted groups and making sure that everyone is happy and doing alright. I guess it is an exercise in time management. 
After reading the hunger games books in 4 or 5 days, I went to see the movie at the 3 dollar theater. I am happy I saw it there, otherwise I would have been really upset spending more money on a ticket. Its not that the movie was bad, but the books were so detail filled and of course the movie could not portray that. This resulted in some rather tacky moments. But I liked the cinematography and the costumes, especially those in the capitol. I probably wont go out of my way to see the future movies but I might catch them again at the 3 dollar theater if time allows. When and if they come out. 
My new musical discovery (well, I didn’t discover it, rather I was introduced to it) is a band called Rome. Reminds me of Leonard Cohen (maybe its the voice) but with more instrumentation resulting in a larger sound. Anyways, if you have read until this point in my blog and have several more minutes to spare, spare a few more minutes and listen to this. 

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