LA Ventures

Several adventures have been had over the past…week or so.

1) a photo shoot in downtown LA with a friend of mine. Under a sketch bridge and in front of the Disney hall

2) Seeing some art in downtown at a cool little Gallery and then hobbling over to the varnish and las perlas where I indulged in handcrafted deliciousness. at The Varnish I ordered “bartenders choice” with whiskey so it allowed the cocktail crafting expertise to shine through. The resulting drink was whiskey with lemon, honey and ginger garnished with mint and a huuuuge ice cube. “spicy daisy” at las perlas was a mescal concoction consisting of cucumber juice, mint, agave and some chile for spice and was the drink I had been preoccupied with getting my hands on for some time now. It was delicious.

3) Finally made it over to Heywood Grilled Cheese Shoppe in Silverlake which just opened a few (maybe one) month ago. They make grilled cheese (duh) with a selection from small dairies from around the world. plus side: grass fed small farm cheeses. downside: costs and fuel associated with shipping. They also have add ins such as pesto and tomato and avocado and onions etc. And any sandwich can be made vegan, with vegan cheese which for some reason costs 2$ more than whatever the original sandwich price is. hmmmm….Anyways, I had a vegan Heywood: Sourdough bread, cheeze and caramelized onions grilled to crunchy perfection. It was delicious, yet a bit to greasy for my taste and I think thats why I was left a little uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I would go there again yes, but the food is a tad overpriced for what it is.

4) The merry-go-round in griffith park was probably the best 2$ I spent in my life. Ok, maybe not, but it was very fun and took a lot of restrain on my part not to go running towards it as I heard the organ music blasting through the park. And then I had to prevent myself from purchasing a twirly little souvenir that would just lie there after a few days. The merry-go-round is 75 years old, the horses are vintage with some paint chipping, but its remarkably well kept and goes fasssstttttt. Once the ride ended, I wanted to yell “again, again” and just stay on it for longer. After, we drove through the park to The Trails Cafe, tiny, quant, and nestled in between some trees where they are known for the pies and quiche. They’ve also got coffee, scones etc. I had a cold brewed iced coffee from Stumptown coffee roasters. Paired with a Vegan Cherry pie and I was giddy with excitement, sugar, and caffeine.

5) My friend and I have the same birthday. We decided to celebrate it together one month early because we wont be in the same city come september. We started the day in Santa Monica where I wanted to check out Planet Raw, one of the first raw restaurants in LA. Being in Santa Monica, or course it was the trendy LA scene, but the food is all organic and raw (not vegan as they use raw honey and raw cheese in some dishes but it is clearly marked). It was pricey and I came mainly to try the dessert. So I ordered coconut cheesecake, which I assume was cashew based. It came garnished with mint, apple and strawberries and was oh-so-delicous, and creamy with just the right touch of coconut.

Our adventure continued with Happy Hour Hopping in Downtown LA. The happy hours are legit…who can complain about 5 or 6 dollar drinks that usually cost 10-13?!?! My favorite concoction of yesterday was at The Falls, where I had a Bloodhound. Whiskey plus strawberry rhubarb syrup was the perfect combination of sweet and tart-ness. We also went to the Standard, mostly for the view, but this has opened up an opportunity for a new adventure: using their rooftop pool which is open to the public and not very crowded on weekday noons. 
6) I finished reading the Hunger Games series. And now I understand the obsession which surrounded the books and the movie. I was deeply absorbed and could not not the books down. I too want to see the movie. And I would recommend everyone reads them as they speak so much about our current society but filtered through a sci-fi fantasy lens. 

Its a bit sad that I only have a week or so left in LA. I am excited to head back up to Berkeley, but I not the least bit in school mode. I hope that once I get there some excitement kicks in but there is not one once of myself that wants to be sitting and reading and thinking and writing stuff. poopers.

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