camp is OVER+back in LA

Its hard to believe that its been a month-ish since my last post, but given how busy I had been and how exhausting camp was, maybe its not toooo hard to believe. As the post title says, camp is over and I am back in LA to rest up for 2 weeks before heading back to Berkeley and starting school again.

So, how was camp?!?!? It was…exciting, exhilarating, energetic, exhausting, tiring, fun, fantastical, and overall one of the best things I could have done this summer. So much so, that I have plans to go back next summer. What made it so awesome? Well, several things, but first and foremost, the people. My lead instructor and the other assistant in our classroom got along very well, with our strengths and weaknesses balancing out very nicely. The camp director was very supportive and always enthusiastic letting us step into more leadership roles as camp wore on. The kids were fun too, mostly. I enjoyed running around with them, playing pretend games, dressing up, singing songs, and just being silly without a care in the world. It was interesting to see a group of campers come in on monday quite shy and timid, and be so rowdy by friday that it was hard to contain their energy in the classroom. As the weeks carried on, we got more proficient in running the classroom and tailoring the ridiculously complex curriculum into the time and space that we had.

Some highlights: I was dubbed “chef random” because of all the random things I say and my sarcasm in the classroom. One kid told me I was the “most awesome person he ever met and ever would” (PS I wanted to take this kid home with me). 2 kids named their signature dishes after me. Another group used my pink hair as inspirations. I put together 2 skits: the first included dumping flour all over us and the second included juggling with eggs [both of these were for the circus]. I led a camp-wide YMCA flash mob. I got to play with giant bubbles.

They days were long, I would often leave home at 6:40 and not come back until 5:30 or 6 PM and pass out by 10. The weekends were a nice break to gather myself together again, but not very many adventures were had because I was usually pretty worn. I did however go to Pride in SF, hike the big C, eat at Souley Vegan, Homeroom, and Ethiopian, bike the marina, bike the golden gate, check out Saul’s deli and off the grid, have a kickback at my house, and go to art murmer.

My last weekend in Berkeley consisted of my parents coming up and venturing to SF for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at SFMOMA. It was beautiful, creative, dark, colorful, whimsical, erotic, and everything in between. I wanted some of the stuff I saw.

My plans for the next 2 weeks include sleeping and doing as little as possible because once school starts its back to the grind and I am not looking forward to it one bit. Can I just go back to camp instead??

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