4th of july fail+surprises

yes, it was the fourth yesterday. I did not have major plans, but was hoping to see fireworks from all over berkeley and oakland while perched atop Grizzly Peak with a friend. So, we pack some beer, bus up the mountain, and climb up some more, find a nice bench aka some fallen trees and take in the awesome view. The sun begins to set and the temperature grows progressively colder. We tell ourselves to suck it up through the next hour as our limbs (or mine at least) start to loose sensation (I exaggerate a bit). We notice some fog rolling in, and try not to think much of it. That proves to be difficult because in the span of 5 minutes the entire hillside is covered with fog and the view which was oh so glorious is now non existent. And being able to see fireworks…forget it. We can hear them faintly in the distance. We sadly put together our belongings and walk down the fog covered hill. It was very creepy I will not lie. Upon descending, we went below the fog cover and could see the city again, plus it was slightly warmer so we perched ourselves on a hillside to watch a few of the shows. It was pretty neat to see lots of shows from all over the city and over the marina. However, I think my personal preference is to see one show, but up close, so you can hear it and feel the reverberations in your chest.

Two awesome surprises. First off, a care package from my mom which contained 2 deliciously scented vanilla candles and a baking sheet. I broke in said baking sheet by making…kale chips!!!! The easiest and most delicious delicacy its a pity I have not made them before (wash it, tear it, S&P it,1 Tb of olive oil it, bake it, eat it) I promptly bought another bunch of kale too. I over salted it just a bit, but it was no catastrophe as I still managed to down the entire batch.
Second surprise is a visitor.


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