bye la, for a bit and Hello Berkeley!!!

I fly back to berkeley in the AM and start work the following week! Excited to go back to my room, my apartment, my bike. A little sad to leave the LA hipsters behind. [haha] But I am coming back in August, so I don’t even feel like I am saying bye really.

An epic day was had on saturday consisting of make music pasadena, and then bar hopping and dancing downtown with a group of awesome people. Went to two bars which I had not been to yet: the Golden Gopher and Broadway Bar. Golden Gopher was quieter, and older crowd with small tables scattered throughout, which were old-school video/computer games. Pool tables to. Broadway Bar was a very different scene. It looked like the haunted mansion in disneyland, 2 stories, a younger crowd a bit on the…trashy side for lack of a better word. that is, too short skirts, too high heels, and too much makeup. despite the sign saying “dress code strictly enforced” we managed to get in. The music was alright and the dancing was fun and the company was awesome. The next morning I awoke quite sore, so I suppose one could say the dancing and festivities were a success

Today I crossed “lark cupcakes” off my list, I went on a date…with my sister. awww!!!

My hair is also a brilliant new shade of purple. It makes me quite happy. and people reactions are very entertaining. those under the age of 5 just stare, wide eyed. some people say nothing. others tell me they wish they had the guts to do something like that (i don’t really feel gutsy however). 
A goal I have is to maintain better contact with some of my friends down here. I see them every time I come home, but in between visits contact is quite sparse, if not nonexistent. It does take time and commitment to maintain contact, but I can afford a few phone calls per month. It will require me getting over my odd/awkward dislike of phone conversations. (why? well, because when you are with a person and there is a silence, it is not always awkward. you can just be. but on the phone all silences seem awkward to me….like…uhhh….what should we talk about now….)
Someone that I know in LA had a pregnant cat. Said cat was about to burst. I really wanted to see the itty bitty cute and cuddly kittens. When did said cat give birth? The morning I fly back to berkeley of course. 
So Berkeley…it feels great to be back. I feel so at home here, I love my room. The current state of my room is quite tragic however, see below. 
I am in the process of making posters for camp set up, which starts tomorrow and carries on til friday.
I was so excited to back that yesterday I went on an epic journey to trader joes, the farmers market, and berkeley bowl. I had to restock my house with food. and I realize, I do not have a baking sheet, which means I cannot make cookies. this is a situation which needs to be fixed ASAP because I want to make cookies. and eat cookies. 

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