gearing up for my last week in la

I am a little sad. yesterday I bought my ticket to go back up to berkeley and I leave in one week from today. Unfortunately, I have been feeling slightly under the weather for the past few days. Extraordinarily lethargic, scratchy throat, and monday morning a may have had a bit of a fever. I suppose its good to get sick now instead of when work starts. I will be back in LA come August, but I have been having such a good time here “relaxing” and I am not ready to get back to work. I mean, work will be FUN, but the days will be long and I will be tired and have no time, patience or energy to do stuff during the week. and that means, not much puttering and poking around making things in my kitchen. So, I am doing as much as humanly possible for the next few days (especially because the kitchen at home is slightly more equipped than the kitchen in Berkeley ie bigger food processor and more pans and baking sheets and spices etc).

I had my first experience learning to drive a stick shift car. As a former dancer, I felt very uncoordinated and it was unnerving to…not be good at something right away. I would have quit much sooner (although I only lasted for about 30 minutes) had it not been for awesome teacher person. The driving and shifting part was simple, but the starting and stopping is where I felt hopeless. I did eventually get the car going, stalled a few times. I want to get it right and be able to have this skill. I think its a good test for my perfectionism and sticking with something even if I suck at it instead of avoiding it altogether. But I hate that feeling =/

Sunday=seed planting. Seeds were purchased at the seed bank back in april on my alternative breaks trip but I did not have the materials to plant them. My friend did!!!!! I hope that my enthusiasm and attention span for this project does not wane. Speaking of which, I should water them now…

…ok I am back. After seed planting, we made
#1) a raw peach cobbler. fresh farmers market peaches were topped with a “crumble” made of dates, walnuts, almonds, oats, and spices. sadly, I do not have documentation.
#2) chai spiced truffles. bittersweet chocolate was melted down and stirred with coconut milk, almonds and cayenne pepper then refrigerated, balled up and rolled in cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. of course a large portion of the chocolate ended up in our mouths, all over our hands, and in my case, on my face. so worth it. below is a crappy cell phone picture, and note the poop shaped ones.

Yesterday afternoon my dear mother and I went out for cappuccinos at the alcove, as seen below [this was my mothers]. 
Then we went to what used to be the nature mart but is now called something else to pick up some pears and a few other odds and ends (like chocolate) so that I could re-make “pear frangipane tart” that was gone within 48 hours the first time I made it (but let me clarify that the chocolate was not for said tart. it was…for my mouth) The recipe is from Post Punk Kitchen (never fails). The first time I used d’anjou pears, while this time around it was bosc pears. Also, I used a spring form pan instead of a pie plate which was a bit to shallow. Finally, I layered the pears in a much more organized time the second way around. Oh, and for those of you who are unaware of what frangipane is, it is: a sweet and most delicious almond filling used in assorted baked goods. traditionally it is butter, sugar, eggs, and almonds but in my case it was coconut oil, sugar, cornstarch and almonds [and a few other things like vanilla and almond milk]. 

Take 1 and take 2 are pictured above, with take 2 being much better looking that take one, in my opinion. 
Saturday was a true silverlake day. Farmers market, flea market, flore vegan and the thirsty crow. Below is some of my loot
I think the tomatoes were the most delicious things…ever. I just punctured the skin with my teeth and sunk them into the soft and succulent flesh. A summery aroma filled my nose and I could almost feel the rays of sunlight on my cheeks. As the slightly sweet juice poured into my mouth, my taste buds began to dance with joy. Tingling for more, I bite again into the heirloom beauty, and subsequently spill seeds all down the front of my shirt. 
Today I will be transforming my kale into a vegan frittata with tofu and garlic and onions and some other ingredients. stay tuned. 

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