back in LA and puttering in the kitchen

Over the weekend I had training for my job at camp this summer, assistant teaching “chef-ology”. It was loads of fun (say WHAT?!), exciting, and exhausting. So much to remember (games and chants galore), so much to do beforehand (like reading a 300 page curriculum and creating classroom decor), and I feel a tad bit overwhelmed by the “excitement” and camp-y atmosphere that they create. I mean, fun and excitement and high energy is great, but as a middle schooler attending camp, and given my personality, it seems a bit much. So my goal this summer is to bring excitement and act childish and random which is part of my personality for sure (I mean, I am a princess and the tooth fairy SO exists), but I want to stay authentic. That means…not being fake. And when I am intimidated, which I am a little bit (or maybe a lot bit) then I have a tendency to be a little…not real. defense mechanism possibly, but once I get to know everyone better that changes. My team seems super awesome.

I’ve been spending my days in LA reading Julia Child’s “my life in france”. That, in combination with galileo’s curriculum emphasizing innovation and creativity and taking risks and having fun inspired my in the kitchen. Here are my creations which arose from the very few and sparse ingredients in the pantry.

First, a Quinoa dish with crumbled tempeh+cabbage+cucumber+olives+soy/mustard/nutritional yeast sauce.

Then, “cheesy” circles flavored with turmeric, onion powder, pepper, and nutritional yeast (I am slightly obsessed with this stuff atm. it goes on EVERYTHING) This photo is before I baked them.
Then, a raw beet salad with parsley+mint+cucumber+lemon juice+a sprinkling of sugar (for some reason none of my photos do it justice)
Then, finally, vegan brownies made with flour+sugar+cocoa+almonds+coffee+black beans! They provide an excellent, moist texture. This recipe is a keeper, but next time I will lessen the sugar and add some carob chips! 

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