epic end of may/start of june adventures

The last day of may, and the first day of june were adventures for sure.
Yesterday, May 31st, I went on an awesome date with…myself.
Biked down to the movie theaters on Shattuck and saw “first position” the ballet documentary about YAGP that I had been dying to see yet could not find someone to go see it with. And it was a good thing I went on my own and that the theater was empty save for a few elderly folk because I could cry my eyes out in peace. It was a good film following several dancers as they train to compete. As a sucker for things that show snippets of individual’s lives, I was captivated. After the film I continued to the marina, and stopped at 4th street to look at all the super fancy super expensive shops. And I stopped at Chocolatier Blue for chocolate of course. As I entered I was force fed a grapefruit lavender truffle which was surprisingly delicious. The tart grapefruit and the slight bitterness of the lavender balanced nicely with the chocolate coating. I also sampled an “ants on a log” truffle that sounds a lot more exciting than it tasted. It was a bittersweet chocolate shell filled with peanut butter, currants, and celery seed. The peanut butter was extraordinarily overpowering and the celery seed left a slightly odd aftertaste. I bought 2 more truffles: a pretzel truffle consisting of that addictive sweet/salty/crunchy combination and a chili truffle that left my mouth with a pleasant spicy tingle.

After that I met up with a friend at Triple Rock Brewery for Monkey Head Ale (which is only served in liter sized bottles on Thursday night and is bottle conditioned) We went through a bottle and it was awesome. Then we hobbled over to jupiter (because said person had never been to either place) and finished off the night with cider and I ate an entire olive tree. Well, not the tree but just the olives. 
Today’s adventures were powered by electric scooters, vegan soul food, and Mr Lets Paint TV. We puttered over to the scooter rental place by campus and started the day with smaller and dinkier and less powerful scooters to get the hang of what it felt like to drive one in the street. Went down to the marina and almost into albany and then forced them to climb a crazy hill on northside. Lets just say, one of us didn’t make it to the top (not me). We returned the dinky scooters to the shop after 2 hours or so and got our hands on some more powerful and hardcore babies. My top speed was a whopping 32 mph. But it kept up great in oakland/berkeley traffic.

These were ridden to Jack London Square in Oakland where we got off and walked about for a bit and were able to get close to the port and the huge boats. Souley Vegan, which had been on my list for some time, is in that area and made an excellent lunch pit stop. I got grits and BBQ tofu, which my friend had Biscuts n gravy and mac n cheese. it was…delectable. (photo does not do it justice)
The day ended with “5 minute photobooth” by Mr. Lets Paint TV aka John Kilduff aka embrace failure. I was introduced to this man midway last semester and had to fastforward my way through some of the youtube videos because I had no idea what was going on. In a nutshell, he is a crazy artist of sorts. My friend however, is a diehard fan. 
Today there was an art hop in Temescal where Mr Lets Paint TV man was doing 5 minute portraits and he wanted to see how many he could do. A painting marathon in other words. I was number 17 and my friend, 16. It was brilliant how in 5 minutes he would paint a portrait with oil paint and just keep going one right after the other. That is passion if I ever saw any. We got to take them home in pizza boxes. So this is what I look like as a 5 minute oil painting. 

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