some food

after poking around online at some recipes for…raw balls and bars…I poked around our rather sparse pantry several days after the move and found enough ingredients to make these delicious raw date balls. Dates (soaked for an hour), raw almonds, oats, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and a splash of rice milk all thrown into a food processor, pulsed, then balled and refrigerated for an hour or so. They turned out fantastic. Chewy and almost coconut-y, despite having no coconut whatsoever. I think it was the raw oats which lent that texture. And the cinnamon was an excellent addition, plus I am rather obsessed with chocolate and spice.

Paid a visit to Handsome Coffee Roasters in Downtown LA, getting slightly lost on the way but it was worth it. The coffee was delicious. The place is very airy and sparsely decorated, high ceilings, bags of coffee line the walls, large communal table, a bar, and of course the espresso machines and the amazing aroma fills the place up. There is a back room, where the roasting takes place, which is open to the public to poke into. 

I ordered a macchiato, which was split into two cups. One contained espresso and the other contained a dollop of steamed foamy milk and I was advised to drink the espresso and chase it with the macchiato for the full flavor experience. The harshness of the plain espresso would be washed away with the sweetness of the steamed milk. The espresso on its own was good, but slightly to sour for my taste. The macchiato however, was excellent. My only gripe with this place is that they do not offer non-dairy milk. The only milk they carry is organic clover brand whole milk. Because macchiatos are one of my favorite thing and contain 2 oz (if that) of dairy, and clover is a legit. brand of organic milk, I felt that justified my ordering dairy. I would love to try a latte or cappuccino next time, but I cannot fathom drinking 6 oz of milk…it still weirds me out. My friend ordered an iced coffee, cold brewed. Rich, chocolatey undertones and an intense caffeine buzz in a cup. Amazing. 
I am back in Berkeley for 5 days and my apartment is empty; both of my roommates are out of town. I’ve got the apartment to myself which is strange and this is the longest I will be spending on my own. Completely on my own that is. I was in a mac and cheese mood and after poking around and reading several recipes I ended up making a vegan cashew/silken tofu cheese sauce and baking it with brussel sprounds and zucchini instead of pasta because I was reading about raw zucchini noodles and that gave me inspiration. As I do not own a mandoline slicer, it was a bitch to cut all the zucchini and they most definitely did not resemble noodles. The circle pieces however turned extraordinarily creamy after baking and tasted delicious with the cheezy sauce (cashews, tofu, nutritional yeast, mustard, soy sauce, garlic). I didn’t have turmeric, so the sauce lacks the classic yellow color most often associated with mac and cheese, but ah well. 

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