Been about a week (minus a day) since my arrival in Los Angeles and it has been quite fantastic. Seeing my family and a certain someone in PERSON as oppose to via computer images on Thursday was lovely. As was getting my fill at Pazzo Gelato (chocolate tequila sorbetto rocks my socks). There was also an epic car tire escapade. Friday I managed to sleep a lot which was great. And meander to Intelligentsia and finish the Orchid Thief which everyone should read.

Over the weekend I was reunited with some long lost friends from my dancing days. Drove down to Orange County for a graduation Saturday, visited the beach, got a sunburn in the shape of the hole in my tights, went out in Fullerton (oh yea!), reminisced over memories and photos, saw the solar eclipse, drove back to LA for an adventure and a taping of….Dancing With the Stars [despite never having seen an episode in my life]. Yeah, don’t be jealous that I saw the final performances live. Standing in line provided excellent people watching opportunities. In front of us were 4 or 5 elderly british ladies who lived in newport beach and were decked out in jewelry and comparing the merits of living by the water where you could have a boat but was more touristy, versus elsewhere for more privacy but no direct water access. Because all those vacation homes are so annoying! Behind us were some younger chicks in painful looking shoes and too much makeup for anyones good. They were complaining mainly about the heat and how much they were sweating. Oi.

Also ate at the LA Cafe Gratitude, but the Berkeley one trumps (mainly because of the atmosphere, the menu is very similar). The LA one is….hollywood-ized and completely undermines the idea of giving thanks for food and appreciating it and whatnot. People are more into the health part and the image associated with eating there and service is…fast…eat and leave, don’t sit and meditate (yes, I saw someone meditating at the berkeley location). Food was delicious, i got “I am Amazing” which was a raw chia seed/banana crepe filled with apples, bananas, and strawberries topped with coconut milk yogurt, maple syrup and walnuts. nom nom nom. see…

Tuesday the packing began as Friday is…moving day!! I finally saw the house my parents bought, in silverlake, which means…Silverlake for life!!! I have no choice but to live in Silverlake when I move back home after not finding a job when I graduate next year. Or when I am 70 years old or whatever. No complaints. I was also reunited with another dear friend and conversed for hours about life and the meaning of it, went through the farmers market and got more…gelato (pear and chocolate this time around) 
Went to the movie theater later that night…I had not set foot in a movie theater since….winter break. so it was an event I must say. 
Poked my head into my old Starbucks this fine AM. It is the same, yet different. 
I’m trying to get to things on my list too, but its proving a bit difficult with spontaneous plans that come up, but that is OK I suppose. Time here is going by so fast, yet so slow. All I want to do is sleep and stare aimlessly into space. I was hoping that by this point in time my productivity would increase (ie read, find articles, do something productive) but…nooooopppeeee. I still, for some reason, refuse (can’t tell if its my brain or my body that is still dead). 
On that note, I must get back to packing, the one thing I actually NEED to finish. 
Saw this sign on Larchmont….awwwww!!!

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