summer, week 1

Today=one week since my last final=it has been 1 week of summer break. I am finally re-cooperated from celebration and feel like I need a detox. blech. this past week was much needed to unwind and reflect and think and ponder and just putter around. Of course I have also done a fair bit of stuff, kind-of.

-organized all the papers that accumulated over the year
-started reading 2 books (which I am halfway through both): “the orchid thief” and “this is how”
-watched 2 movies: Adaptation and Mozart’s Sister
-had visitors and acted as a campus tour guide
-went bowling! (and lost by epic proportions, but that ok)
-bought the new Beach House album (which has been on nonstop repeat since….yesterday when it came out)
-rode my bike
-saw my mentee one last time
-went to the farmers market
-painted my nails
Grades have been posted. My 4.0 is no longer. I got 2 A-‘s and one A. Of course, my 4.0 would not even exist if PCC had counted A-‘s as A-‘s instead of As. I have a confession: Many of what looked like A’s on my transcripts were, in fact, A-‘s, but I knew they didn’t count. now its coming back to haunt me.

The farmers market was excellent. I finally got my egg fix and have been enjoying them in the the form of omelets with mushrooms, spinach and caramelized onions, or simply hard boiled with a bit of salt.

note the freshly baked chunk of bread with gobs of vegemite. sorry, marmite, i am cheating on you. 
I also met a raisin makin’ man at the market and talked to him for a bit. He simply dries the grapes on the vine, turns them over every few days until they dry. once they dry, he tumbles them to remove them from the vines, and….thats it. Organic, so no added preservatives or sugar or anything. most delicious raisins i have ever eaten, they kinda burst when you bite into them. 

Today is my last day up in Berkeley for about two weeks…then LA time! I am excited of course, but I will also miss it up here, especially my bike and my room. I will however, finally see the house my parents have purchased!!! I am not looking forward to this packing business, but ah well. It had BETTER be sunny in LA, or else I will cry and be very sad.

might i suggest listening to the above song. 

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