year one, done?!

the oddest thing ever. I am done with my first year at Berkeley. um, what just happened?

Exactly a year a go I found out that I got into Cal and went on an epic road trip. Finished up at PCC, had a really fun summer, quit my job at starbucks, moved to berkeley, moved again while in berkeley, had some not so amazing professors, had some really attractive professors, went on alternative breaks, started riding a bike, began mentoring, took a ballet class, started drinking beer, decided grad school might not be for me, grew into my random personality, dyed my hair pink, discovered delectable bakeries, met amazing people, saw bon iver, hung out in SF, learned a thing or two in my classes and learned 20 bajillion things about myself and life while not in my classes. If you are feeling stalkerish, you can look at my old posts.

This semester I kiss my 4.0 goodbye. now, how does that make me feel, might you ask? (thats the first thing everyone has been asking) at first I was upset and anxious a bit. but now, really, its a relief I suppose. less pressure maybe? I suppose its caused me to examine my motives for being in school and working hard and for getting good grades in the first place. I just like the little triangle shape with two little legs sticking out of the sides. people tell me that I’m smart, but I’ve noticed I am not really. Smart is the ability to analyze and see patterns and understand material and generate knowledge. Not memorize and regurgitate information back out. but the thing is, i like a challenge and active engagement with the material and with the teachers and other students in the class. I hate papers.

That is why soc. 101, classical social theory has been my FAVORITE class this semester. Challenging material, excellent discussion sections, no papers, and it reminded my why I picked sociology as a major and why I used to like school. I guess I still like some aspects of school, just not feeling like an anonymous no one or nothing.

Finals were alright. I spent all of Saturday and all of Sunday and some of Friday and Monday writing my Theory take home, but I must say, I was rather pleased with the final product. I actually, learned something. So far, I’ve only really had one class each semester that I’ve learned anything of use or enjoyed. Meh…

I’ve got a week left in Berkeley to regather and regroup my energy, laze about in the sun, and poke around places before heading down to LA. And of course, celebrate. As all of my friends finish finals on different days, celebrations will be carried out over the next several days. If they learn my name at the graduate, I will not be surprised. I am also in the process of compiling my summer list, which will be posted shortly. I actually got to cross something off of it today. My super awesome boss took me out to lunch and we went to Homeroom mac+cheese. Basically, a gourmet mac+cheese restaurant that reeks of hipster-ness. Its “classroom” themed, so the menus are on notebook paper, there are awkward school photos in the bathroom, the bill comes on a clipboard, daily specials are scribbled on a chalkboard, and the “buy-10-get-1-free” card is an old library card catalogue. Oh, and drinks come in Mason Jars (beer and wine included). The vegan mac+cheese was delicious, I got mine with artichoke added in (any add-ons are appropriately called ‘extra credit’). And for dessert, homemade oreos with…SEA SALT. delectable. I unfortunately tucked in before capturing the mac+cheese, but here are the oreos

On a slightly less happy note, someone at Cal jumped out of a dorm window during finals week. Whenever I think of death, this one quote always comes to mind from The Hours. 
Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more. It’s contrast.” 
So yeah, it made me quite pensive and reflective and…very sad for both him and his family. 

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