classes done

So, I am officially done with classes for Spring 2012. Then just RRR week, and finals. So, I thought it would be appropriate to post a real post, with words, and not just pictures, to update whoever finds the minutia of my life somewhat interesting. Where to start? Mayhap with just how awesome everything is at the moment. I had one of those really strange yet wonderful moments a few days ago while biking down the marina, where everything just looked so beautiful and felt just right. And I felt like I was in my body, and not my head, and I felt…genuine happiness. Like a real person, and not a shell anymore. Of course as I started thinking about all this sappy stuff my eyes started to well up with tears, so I just biked and cried and it was extraordinary.

Last night I finally went to Off the Grid in North Berkeley with some of my fellow Alternative Break Trip-mates. For those of you who are out of the loop, Off the Grid is gourmet food truck awesomeness every Wednesday evening…Indian, BBQ, Sandwiches, Soul Food, cupcakes, random fusion…and the like. I was in a dessert-y mood, which is not anything unusual, and so I had an “everything but the kitchen sink” cookie that was about the size of my head, I kid you not. What, exactly is this cookie, might you ask? Everything you could ever image of putting into a cookie. Pretzels, butterscotch chips, Chocolate chips, potato chips, and coffee grounds combine to make a sweet, salty and savory cookie with drug-like addictive characteristics. Next time I bake cookies, I know EXACTLY what I am making, but I will add some pumpkin and peanut butter because that would make it even more ridiculous and therefore even more better. I will most definitely be returning to this food truck awesomeness.

 Alternative Breaks was such an amazing experience for me, probably the best thing I have done at Cal yet. Not only because I was with a bunch of people who love food, but because I really got to learn more about myself as a person and what drives me. I also got to hear peoples life stories and see where they came from, what inspires them, what motivates them, what they hate, what they fear, what shapes them, and why they are how they are. Stories to me say a lot about a person, because as a Sociology major, well, we make our choices within the structural confines of society and what shapes people fascinates me.

Because I enjoyed said trip so much, I decided to apply for a break leader position. (all trips are student lead and coordinated) I got the position, and so, next year I will be leading a Food Justice Alternative Spring Break! Fall semester consists of trip planning and fundraising and publicity and training and lesson planning. Spring semester will consist of facilitating a class and going on said trip! I am excited and nervous. My fellow leader is super great, so needless to say this will be an excellent leadership and team building opportunity.

 I have decided to also apply for the senior honors thesis program. After pondering ideas for some time, I think I have settled on a feasible yearlong project. I would like to interview individuals struggling with eating disorders/in recovery to find out what their college experience is like and what they specifically need in terms of support. Then I will examine the services offered through the Health center and see if they are in line and what barriers students face from getting help. I have not taken this idea to any professor because it just recently came to me, so I have no idea if its been done before or if its any good. But I am going to find out this week at the information sessions.

Today I was reminded why I chose to major in Sociology, thanks to my GSI and my Theory class. I had really forgotten why I even liked school in the first place because Berkeley seemed to suck that out of me. Hopefully I can keep reminding myself… Dead week wont be to bad. I have 2 finals, and one of those is a take home. Mon-Thurs I will be focusing on my comparative family class. Thurs-Mon I will be writing my Theory take home to turn in Tuesday AM. Tuesday I will refocus on Family. And wednesday I will take said final and be done! Summer could not come sooner. I am compiling a list of sorts of things I want to do and places I want to go. It will be posted soon. Anyone is welcome to join on any adventure but of course I will go at it alone if need be. And some things are solitary activities anyways.

The rocks, posted in the photos from the previous entry below, are from a pretty awesome person, who also happened to be my first official non-family visitor to my new apartment. Said person stayed for 5 days, in which we frolicked around berkeley, went up to the big-C, threw paint at a Holi event, curled up during a ridiculous thunderstorm, ate Ethiopian food, went to the graduate, and argued about forks. 

And the pictures below are from Bon Iver and Cal Day (free Dr Dog concert)



“get the rox in the box, get the water right down to your sox”