midtermz down!

I am done with midterms, and midterm papers. I am extremely happy that they are over and out, but…meh. It really sucks to spend so much time and effort studying for something and not having the effort pay off. And that leads to a general and overall feeling of crappy-ness. And the class I am actually learning most in, will probably be the one that pulls my GPA down…
Classical Social Theory, the bane of my existence at the moment, despite the midterm being over. I understand the theories and the theorist’s ideas about religion and history and division of labor and freedom and solidarity and modes of production and class consciousness and collective consciousness and false consciousness and categories of understanding and conceptual thought and class formation and collective effervescence and segmented society and moral density and functionalism and dialectics and historical materialism and social morphology and tension and conflict and surplus and ideology. Yet that seemed to be of no help on the midterm in comparing and contrasting them in 3 short essays of 3 succinct paragraphs each. Walking out of a room knowing you did badly sucks. what also sucks, is walking out of a room knowing you did really well and then getting a grade lower than you expected while everyone around you gets way better grades. I hate not being good at things…

Of course midterms called for celebratory action after, so a toast was made for hegel, a toast was made for marx, a toast was made for durkheim, and a toast was made to potentiality (because possibilities are just as real as rocks and trees) and a premature toast was made to weber and mosca. cheers.

no i have to play catch up for the other two classes i have completely neglected. luckily its only reading…that seems easy now, despite having 80,583,512 pages to get through. thank goodness spring break is just around the corner…
WHICH I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT. farming, and food, and justice! and mentoring is going rather well, I get to go to alcatraz with my mentee this weekend. I have never been, nor has she. april should be a good month…BONIVERANDVISITORS

we won the purim costume contest, as popeye and olive oyl, it was quite exciting and satisfying. score!
its been raining for about a week now…i miss the sun.

I deactivated facebook for midterms, but I am thinking to keep it deactivated for a bit longer. Its really nice to not have it there, I feel like I am more engaged with life and myself without it being a distraction. it makes focusing easier, and possible my productivity level will increase leaving me more free time to do fun things. like get back on my bike which has been neglected for the past 2 weeks, poor thing.

I am also investigating places to re-color my hair, and I am taking new colour suggestions.

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