a merging of several events and thoughts from the past several weeks in a rather long and discombobulated post

tuesday february 14th and I found myself sitting in my room with a combination of a cider buzz and sugar high and feeling completely content with life. which is odd considering i was freaking out a few days prior. and its also odd considering the amount of stuff i should have been doing. or rather, felt i should be doing? who knows…
Day consisted of
-a cancelled class (can’t complain!)
-a job interview for summer camp that went well, i made it to round 2!
-a very delicious bagel sandwich
-theory class which was great, save for the professor’s new haircut
-my 3 hour comparative cultures class which ended an hour early
-anti valentines day presents
-anti valentines day beer at jupiter
-anti valentines day cider at triple rock

i decided to go to my ballet teacher’s office hours to see how i could get more involved in the ballet scene at berkeley because after all, the studio feels comfortably familiar. So of course I asked questions about getting more involved, what is available on campus, etc etc. And of course I was given a list of opportunities which I did look up but failed to pursue further because I realized time would be a slight barrier. Today I went to another Professors office hours to discuss a paper, and I also began to chat with her about other stuff related to population and food and families. And I asked her a bit about a senior thesis, and she of course started listing tons of suggestions. My epiphany: when I feel like I am not productive and not doing anything, and when I start freaking out about life, I always decide to do more things because I like being busy. But these things are not necessarily what I want to be doing, rather they are things i either a) want to enjoy doing or b) think would look good on a resume. Now, why would I even bother with a thesis if grad school is seeming less and less exciting? because what if I change my mind later?!?!?

Interviews for summer jobs are going fairly well. From all my “first interviews”/”phone screenings” I have made it to the next round. This is a good thing. Of course I can see myself interviewing at all these places and then ending up jobless, but that may be me freaking out as per usual (I guess we shall see if it holds any truth). I keep surprising myself at interviews and how confident I seem. I was even told by my boss that I interview well. Despite making a complete fool out of myself in a skit we had to to during a group interview, I did not feel any embarrassment and instead laughed hysterically along with everyone else at my mishap. *i hope i get the job*

I also went to a career fair, which is a very funny and superficial experience for me. I mean, if employers want to see personality, why does everyone dress the same and act so superficially professional. Not I. Pink hair, blue clips, and a lime green sweater. I did manage to hand out my resume to a few internship positions, and followed up with an e-mail and application to one which sounded intriguing. I was told that a follow up was in the cards, but we shall see. It would be very entertaining if I end up working for a summer-accelerated-highly gifted-college prep program as an RA. I would be so intimidated by a bunch of smart middle schoolers studying the hard sciences and math!

I went home to LA this past weekend, which was loads and loads of fun. I flew down for the first time since I got into Berkeley, and was really surprised by how fast the flight was. It took me longer to bus/bart to the airport and wait to get through security. My sisters 18th was an enjoyable outing, as was seeing her perform with her band and drinking with the parentals. My friends wedding too, was simple, beautiful, and *not gonna lie* I did choke up. oi.

It is also interesting the people who you meet when you least expect it. But such is life I suppose. My sunday, which I had planned to dedicate to homework and the farmers market, instead consisted of hiking and the thirsty crow, good conversation and good times. So was staying up abnormally late for the past two nights worth the procrastination? Methinks yes.

I was also very surprised that a former teacher of mine featured a post I did on his class blog. If you are curious to read a little ditty about meeting David Sedaris…look here


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