it is dark
it is rainy
it is cold
I do not function properly in this weather. proof=my nose is sniffly, I am tired and sore, my throat feels swollen, things are 10x more difficult to do than they really should be, nothing excites me, and I actually watched a movie. My favorite spot in my room, is directly in front of my heater. Or under my covers. And I shower every other day because its cold…this could get bad. really bad.

Funny story: its about 1:47 am and I hear a faint beeping sound emanating from the kitchen. extremely tired and in a groggy state, I cross my fingers that one of my roommates gets up to stop that awful sound. 1 minute passes. then 2. alas, nope. when I finally decide to stumble out of bed, I hear fire engines in the distance, put 1+1 together and come to the conclusion that our house is on fire and burning down. Semi alert by this point I go into the hall expecting to see flames, or at least smell something. the beeping gets louder as the fire truck drives by our kitchen window. roommates, all still asleep. entering the kitchen, I see a florescent alarm clock. beeping. yup, thats it, the maid must have accidentally set it. yup, you read that correctly, the maid who comes 2x per week. i am living the good life here in berkeley. not complaining, our house is nice and clean. completely incapable of figuring out which button turns the darn thing off, I proceed to unplug the entire contraption and hobble back to my bed, which by this time has lost most of the heat contained in it.

Interview wednesday afternoon was the most awkward thing of my life. Last time I checked, and interview was the employer wanting to hear more about me and my experiences and why I want the specific internship. Not the other way around with me sitting for 25 minutes hearing the life story of the director. ummm….hire me anyways? and its always awesome to hear that there are 9 other people being considered for the 1 position. basically, get out of here.

On the bright side, phone interview today went really well, with a group interview and 1:1 interview in the works. woo! Now I need to figure out an activity to lead for 1-2 minutes. um, hi i am omri and I am going to teach you all about Marx. that would go well, no?

Had the freakout of my life this fine AM when I checked which section I was assigned to for Soc. theory. of course, I got assigned to the only section NOT on my preference form, the only section in direct conflict with my classes. In a panic, I email all the GSIs, the advisor, and frantically add 2 more soc. classes to my schedule should I not be able to switch into another discussion. Fast forward 2 hours and another email arrives from the advisor saying there was a typo in the assignment sheet and the section I was assigned to is in fact from 11-12 NOT 10-11. oi vey. at least my heart started beating normally by this point.

Well, its Friday, so cheers to the weekend which will be consumed by studying and errands instead of lazing about. oh, and a but of fun too.

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