day 1

procrastination at its finest on the first day of the semester has me writing this blog entry instead of reading. Classes started today and so far I like each and every class/professor I have.
Comparative household and Family examines family structures through space and time, looks at universal characteristics, etc. Just in the first day I was taught all I need to know. Family is universal but varies widely. These variances are structured. So, its all dependent on terms and definitions of what family is. see? A for me!
Comparative cultures looks at American exceptionalism, where the term came from what it mean, why socialism has not worked here, how other countries view the US and “americanism”. Also differences in how America and Europe approach social welfare, politics, consumption, sex and gender, and even…dessert!!! The professor is quite possibly the cutest woman ever, with an accent I could listen to for hours on end.
Classical social theory will be the bane of my existence. Marx, Weber and Durkheim. Study those classical theorists to make sense of how society is structured today and why at functions as it does during a time of three crisis: economic, political, and cultural. Even though this class may be difficult, the professor seems rather brilliant and attractive in a kind of odd way; a combination of wit and sarcasm along with a dark and serious sort of demeanor and awkward quirkiness typically stereotyped in the term “crazy professor” (did any of that sentence make sense?) Anyways…
I have decided to drop Soc of Gender, but I cannot bring myself to do it on telebears just yet. good thing i have time, because once I drop it…its out! something about dropping it makes the decision final, even though its final in my head right now! I have submitted an application for a youth mentoring program in berkeley middle schools which will give me 2 units, and I will have 2 additional units added for alternative breaks giving me a grand total of 16.5 (.5 being ballet)
Speaking of ballet, on a whim I went to Berkeley Ballet Theater last night for an intermediate ballet class. It was rather lovely actually, simple enough to follow without making a complete idiot of myself. Some things, hurt. I came lift my leg in second only to feel a sharp shooting pain through my hamstring which was never there before. And I found a simple petit allegro to be rather exhausting. However, I managed to leap across from one end of the studio to the other in only half of a grande allegro surprising both me and the teacher. I also found my balance in a few passe positions, and managed a triple pirouette without to much thought. I cannot wait to go back, and I am hoping to try a few other classes later in the year once I get more in shape.
I am a little sore today, but I cannot tell if its from the ballet, or from the walking around everywhere after a month of driving in LA.
Also I have been ravenous the past few days, possibly because of the extremely cold weather and the increased walking. And maybe the increased use of brain power, although that has not really happened…yet.

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