last day of break

the family has now gone, and now it feels more official that the semester is starting…tomorrow. That makes today my last day of winter break. What do I plan on doing might you ask? well, cleaning and organizing my room, making a massive pot of rice for the week, figuring out my schedule for the week with extracurriculars and whatnot. Also, I have decided what class to drop, and the semester has not even officially began. *drumroll* sociology of gender (4 units) will no longer be on my schedule. it will however, hopefully be replaced by “an anthropological perspective on addiction” (2 units) and mentoring a middle school student. I think those classes and activities are better suited to my interests and what I am considering for later and over the summer. Gender sounds fascinating, but I am not prepared or ready or really needing 18.5 units this semester. Plus, I will be working, trying to get back into ballet, and attempting to have a social life in between all of that.

winter break was excellent. I spent my last day in LA just…sitting around doing nothing, and it was really draining.

I have had 2 job interviews for summer jobs, and I’ve got 2 more this upcoming week. I am really hoping I get hired somewhere soon so I can stop the search and focus my energy on classes this semester. It was my first time doing a phone interview, which was an interesting experience because I have no idea what said potential employer looks like, nor does she have any idea she is talking to someone with pink hair. But I will be contacted for a second interview (either group or individual) and decisions will be made mid march. I am slightly nervous for wednesday’s because its a paid internship that I want really really really (really) badly at a summer college prep program for low SES students. Funny story is I turned my resume and application in 2 weeks late with an apologetic letter (because I only saw the posting a day before!), and was told “I have more than enough applications but I’ll be glad to look yours over anyways”. Within 2 days she contacted me to come in for an interview. Even funnier is that this woman is the director of the dance department at the academy. woo!! go ballet!

My family spent the past few days up in Berkeley and my sister slept with me at my house which was uber fun. we meandered around berkeley, had too much mustard at top dog, had too much food at crepevine, had too much coffee at remedy, had too much beer at jupiter, had too much candy at powell’s, and laughed about absurd things that only siblings find hysterical.

All is quiet now back at my house, giving me time to gather myself and coordinate for the upcoming week. Sometimes I feel slightly hermit grandma-esque because I find my time alone highly enjoyable as it gives me time to organize my thoughts. For some reason, I have had a pervasive tiredness that I have not been able to shake off for a few days, possibly due to wonky sleep hours. But last night I managed to get in 9 hours, and tonight I plan on tucking in at a reasonable hour too. And on the organizational note, I am going to create my schedule and cook lunch and then go reunite with my bike!!!! oh, how I have missed it so! I am still searching for a name, it was dubbed “Ryder” for a bit, I am not quite sure that name suits it. if anyone has suggestions, I am open to them.

so cheers to the semester and whatever it will bring.


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