I am obsessively listening to the new Mariachi el Bronx CD which I purchased promptly after seeing them perform at First Friday at the LA Natural History museum. When I saw DeVotchka at some point last year, Mariachi el Bronx opened for them, and they were pretty epic. (if DeVotchka is influenced by gypsy and eastern european sounds, Mariachi el Bronx is like the mariachi version of them. possibly a bad analogy, but ah well). Huge Sound. When I realized I would be going to First Friday, I decided to finally look up the event online. Lo and behold, el Bronx was the band playing that night, and of course concert tickets were sold out.

I went to the museum anyways, like I had planned, and hung around the entrance to the music hall for about 15 minutes before the show started. Naturally, I struck up a conversation with some dude, who happened to be a teacher, was a college counselor and lived in Berkeley for some time working at the hospital as a social worker. Whaddyaknow. (yes, I got his number. no, he is not cute or my age) When the show started we crowded around the door, we could see and hear the music just as well. Random dude I met walks off for a moment, and returns with a wristband that will let him into the venue. Said dude goes in, and emerges a few minutes later with a second wristband for…me. So in I go, and got to see Mariachi el Bronx perform amidst dead mammals. The show was awesome, and even more awesome was seeing that there are still awesome people out in the world.

Monday-Wednesday I spent the majority of my days in a 6th grade classroom. Apparently, I did not pass the 6th grade, and have to repeat it. Kidding. Actually, I shadowed a Cal Alum in the workplace, seeing what its like to be a teacher, meeting other teachers, meeting and talking with 6th graders (that I got along with very well. surprising? not really…) ’twas an excellent experience, especially hearing from someone in the current teaching industry who has been involved with the job for a lengthy bit of time. And…teaching is still on my list as a possible career upon graduation, which I still have no idea what I want to do with life. but about that later…

Winter break is coming to a close, and seeing two of my syllabi on Bspace sent me into a variation of a panic attack. I am enrolled in 18.5 units next semester, which is slightly stressing me out. ok, a little more than slightly, especially because 5 of those 18.5 are soc. theory. The two syllabi I have seen seem to be manageable, but I will hardly have time to goof off next semester, or be lazy and unfocused while I study. That was a slight issue last term, staying focused and being able to comprehend and synthesize pages upon pages upon pages. But, part of the reason was that I had some time to be unfocused. My hope is that with the option of unfocusedness not available to me, my brain will magically always be alert and awake. I can always drop a class which is a comforting option, but then I will feel lazy of course taking only 14.5 units. I would add a decal.

I am thinking of dropping out of the Food Collective next semester. I am, no pun intended, a little fed up with food. I want to have some time to possibly get back into…ballet. ohmy! I just said the “b” word! I have of course been thinking about maybe possibly taking ballet again for a bit of time now, but never actually committed to doing it. I am officially doing it started next semester with a weekly class, hence the .5 units.

Tomorrow, my last full day in LA, I have absolutely no plans, and I intend to keep it that way. and by no plans, I mean intelligentsia, meandering around the reservoir, baking something, and watching re-runs of the office. oh, and I should probably pack. yeah, that.

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