2 weeks left?!?! uhhh…

So it is Tuesday (well, technically wednesday, if you want to get all technical) which means that classes start in exactly two weeks from today (well, technically, yesterday, if you want to get all technical). Break has been really great so far, despite not having gotten through as much of my to do list as I wanted. I am a little unclear weather my list was to long (am I possibly an overachiever?), or if I am truly being lazy.

BUT I AM ALL CAUGHT UP ON THE OFFICE! more like, up to the end of season 7. That show is NOT supposed to make you cry, but I admittedly found myself in tears during various parts of the show (not telling when, no spoilers!)

My room is possibly the messiest it has ever been. I think it has to do with the fact that I am in a temporary situation here. I mean, all my clothes, some of which are strewn on my floor, will be folded and hoisted back up to berkeley. so why bother being so neat and organized if everything will just be put away again. Its nice actually. And I have noticed that when I travel places, I am messiest.

My hair is now pink. Its a bit lighter than I wanted, but I don’t mind because I can always add more color in a few weeks.

Been applying to summer jobs, which is good. I have done 4.5 so far. the .5 left is really annoying. who comes up with these ridiculous questions? describe your strengths and how they will contribute (i’m awesome). why do you want to work here (i need money). how will this job further your aspirations (i can put it on my resume). what are your weaknesses(none. duh!). given 20 minutes and 100 children, what would you do to keep them busy (give them booze). describe a skill you have taught a child (how to be sarcastic). Hire me?!

I saw an awesome film today, recommended to me by an awesome friend. Its called Tiny Furniture, and I would suggest for everyone to watch it on Netflix. Its got funny bits, sad bits, and bits that show…reality and real emotion about “post graduate delirium” and relationships of all sorts. I have realized over break (epic self discovery here), that maybe the reason I have a hard time motivating myself/sitting through films is because I watch ones that don’t really interest me. I like things that show real people, in real life, and move slightly slower because people are doing real things. However, I do not think I have turned into an avid movie watcher or critic over night.

Grande time reuniting with high school friends at the Griffin, catching up on life, yet feeling like no time has gone by, even though its been 6 years. I have been out of high school for longer then I was in high school. wow. reaching gramma status here. And things that were super important back then, really trivial now. like dancing certain roles. And things that were funny back then, still HILARIOUS now. I mean, we are pretty fierce. work.

I went to PROOF Bakery in Atwater Village because they brew HANDSOME COFFEE. (3 hipster dudes, barista champs, from intelligentsia started their own company). So, they do not have a cafe, but sell beans to local places in LA, one of them being proof. It was delicious. The brew I tried (as a pour over) slightly heavy on the tongue at first, but left a springy and slightly citrusy mouthfeel after. I will be returning to try another roast before blowing 18 dollars on a pound of beans. a plus is that there is a mustache on the bag…

goal for next week: get my sleep pattern back in order.

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