craft day and photos

today i cut up a t-shirt, made a rosette, and went for a stroll around the lake.

some of the following…only in silverlake.

i also saw a dog in sunglasses. seriously?
here are more creations from the past few days

starting tomorrow, i have to get my sh*t together and start being productive. that is, figure out my summer. i really dont now what to do, so the more things i apply for, jobs internships, and whatnot, the more options i will have, and the more things i can eliminate. i am debating between a camp counselor at a sleep away camp, or an internship at some non profit. pros and cons of each
Counselor: its paid, i can go almost anywhere in the US or possibly europe so i would get some traveling in, its not a desk job and would be very fulfilling and fun (not to mention lots of hard work) being with kids all day. cons are that it may not be the best networking option
Internship: unpaid. but i could spend the summer in berkeley and possibly go to summer school and get financial aid. it would be excellent for networking later. it seems like what i “should” do, and it would require me to intern somewhere that interests me or else i would dye of boredom sitting at a desk.
Meh…why must this be so complicated. it seems like no matter what there is always more, always the next thing to work for. in high school it was doing things to look good for college apps, in community college it was getting things to place on my UC apps, now its doing things for future jobs. i guess thats life.

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