1 week down

so today is exactly a week since i finished my semester at Berkeley, with a throbbing hand and bleary, slightly puffy eyes. i stumbled out of my final, feeling rather confident that I did well, that my hours of studying did pay off. within the hour I was drinking, and within 2 hours i was…fairly buzzed, relatively drunk, possibly falling…asleep.
My studying did pay off as a matter of fact. I got straight A’s. And as my personality does, I keep brushing it off, thinking its just a fluke. I mean, Soc. 5 (evaluation of evidence) is a lower division class, so it would be simple to get an A. plus, we didn’t have a real final, simply exam #6 on book #6 and the tests are pretty easy. My Urban Soc. class, although upper div, was not a hard class. the teacher was an easy grader, the material was slightly boring but straight forward enough, so getting an A was also not as difficult as one would anticipate. plus, the final was a a take home. My hardest class, food in the environment, was actually hard with lots of material to study and cover. but because my other classes were easy, i was able to study non-stop for that final, which is why i did well, which is why i got an A. (despite having gotten a B on my research paper). So you see, the only reason I managed to keep my 4.0 is because I had easy classes that allowed me to focus on my hard class. this is how my brain works.

Break has been grand so far. I told myself I had one week to simply bum around and not do anything. After that I would start working on applications for internships/summer related stuff. Its been a great week of bumming. this is what my bumming has consisted of:
1) movie hopping and meandering through the americana looking at decorations and feeling that it was the holidays for the first time
2) puttering over to the library and getting 2 books
3) reading one of the above said books
4) watching the office. my goal is to be caught up by the end of break, and I have 2.5 seasons to go
5) going running. well, its more like putting on my running shoes, running for a block, and then strolling at leisurely pace the rest of the way
6) sipping cappuccinos at intelligentsia whilst looking at the pretty people. last time i was there, all 4 baristas were (rather cute) guys, all wearing plaid shirts. I wonder if they planned it out.
7) seeing the nutcracker
8) semi absurd amounts of [veg] cooking and baking: beer bread, chili, tempeh, mac n cheeze, banana chocolate bread, and gingersnaps. I need people to feed!
9) seeing some people, reconnecting with other people
10) sleeping. hardcore drool-inducing naps

i think thats it. well, mostly it. now if anyone wants to join me on my ‘ventures, i have a list to work through.

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