first day of vacation…

spent my first day of break in Berkeley basking in the glory of being done with finals and doing several things which i neglected over the past 2 weeks.
a) its a good thing i have a lot of clothes and towels because i did three loads of laundry today…i had not washed anything since thanksgiving
b) i also swept and mopped my floor
c) i moved a new piece of furniture into my room. its this awesome chest with 2 drawers. into the chest went all my books, and into the drawers went my socks and underwears. i still need an actual dresser for my shirts

d) printed and filled out a rebate form for my contact lenses
e) finished reading a nonschoolrelated book. it was amazing
f) took a nap. it was also amazing
g) poked around the street fair on telegraph
h) went on a bike ride through north berkeley because its pretty (hence the helmet, i love my brain)

i) went to remedy coffee and powells, probably two of my favorite places in berkeley
j) listened to music (note to self: go to amoeba)
k) went to berkeley bowl and purchased massive-thesizeofmyhead-apples
it was indeed a good day. and now its 8 pm and i have to pack my stuff for la. i realized a month is a while to be gone, so i actually have to think about what i want and need. of course, i can always buy more clothing if i “forget” something. I also must remove the last bits of nail polish from my fingers as they look quite pathetic and repaint them. and i need to fold all my clothes which are currently piled quite nicely on my bed. but i can listen to music and rock out in the process, so its not all bad. and i also have a letter to write tonight. and then my epic plan of epicness is to watch episodes of the office until i fall into blissful slumber.

I have a few goals and plans while I am in LA
-fill out applications and figure out my summer plans. what i would really like to do is be a camp counselor at a camp somewhere in europe.
-start my own kombucha culture
-possibly relearn how to crochet so i can make headbands
-re-dye and recoordinate my hair (my bangs are almost long enough to go behind my ears!) i am thinking bubble gum pink.
-see people of course. if they want to see me that is
-go to amoeba, as previously mentioned
-farmers market, intelligentsia, thirsty crow, berlincurrywurst, flore vegan, cafe gratitude, goodwill
-make bread
-make vegan cheese
-go to the movies
-take a ballet class

i will miss my bike. i wish i could bring it to LA. but oh well.

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