dead week

its called dead week, but I don’t think I have been busier yet. not from the multitude of things to do, but just from the sheer amount of studying. i managed to have a very enjoyable weekend (last weekend) and monday was when the hard-core-ness started. My days pretty much consisted of work for 2 hours in morning, coming home, eating, and then occupying Hillel from about 1 until midnight. good times indeed. There are breaks in between for a) coffee b) BBQ c) shabbat dinner d) goofingoffohmanicannotdothisanymore. On Friday night we did grab a beer around 1 am when we finished. Last night I burned out aroudn 11, which is something I am a little scared of because my hardest final is not until friday. I might be so over everything by then.
Whats funny, is that I keep telling myself if Ron, Harry, and Hermione could study so much while they were at Hogwarts, there is no reason I should not be able to do the same thing in Berkeley. I keep remembering bits of the book where they would spend hours in the common room or in the library. Its probably a little sad that this is what I think of when I need to force myself to sit still for long chunks of time.
I have been productive. My 8 page Urban Soc. take home final is typed up, i just need to revise it. It is due on Wednesday.
I finished my 3 page reading response for my Edible Education (michael pollan) class.
I am not to worried about Soc 5 (aka evaluation of evidence) because our final is just another exam, not cumulative. I got A’s on all 5 of my other exams, so even if I flunk this one I can still get a good grade.
My hardest and most stressful final is on Friday: Geography 130 aka Food and the Environment. Cumulative, we had 60 readings through the semester, everything is “fair game” we need to know authors and arguments and how population, food, the market, resources, and the environment are all related in some perverse ways. I have been studying for it since monday, going through each article and typing up a summary. Then going through all my notes and lecture slides. then summarizing my summaries. I think yesterday was the first time that concepts finally started to make sense in my head and I can see all the relationships. Today I am studying with a classmate, so that will help. Then Monday through Thursday its going to be more review and summarizing and defining terms. The final itself is 10 term definitions (1 paragraph each) 5 short answers (2-3 paragraphs each) and 2 essays (5-7 paragraphs each) I really hope I do well, I am really nervous. I managed an A on the midterm, but I got a B on the research paper, so…if i can get a B in this class I will be satisfied. I can’t believe I just said that.

Well, its 1:20 and I still did not start studying today. I went for a bike ride to powells, berkeley bowl, made food, and now I will eat and then revise my paper so its done and off my mind. I needed a break…my poor brain. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because my head would not shut down…I kept having names and terms flash through my mind, along with visions of blanking out during exam time. but I finally fell asleep.

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