december[ists] month

a very happy start to december indeed. except for one thing, which I will get out of the way first. I got my first “B” on a paper. It was a research paper for my food in the environment class. sad, sad, occurrence indeed. Its actually my hardest and least favorite and most boring class this semester, and it has the hardest final which I get to start studying for tomorrow. Tomorrow the studying starts, which means today I need to finish reading Heat Wave, a book for my soc. class. I have…about 60 pages to do so its totally doable.
Thursday was moving day epic amazingness. *shout out to everyone that helped* I scored a soccer mom mini van, and within two trips everything was out of my old room, and into my new. after returning the car by rockridge, we traipsed over to cafe colucci for an Ethiopian feast (something we were planning since september). It was delicious, accompanied by good people and good honey wine. and lots of Injera.

After said feast, moseyed to Jupiter for beer, and Kips for goodnessknowswhatthatplaceisdisgusting.
Friday consisted of unpacking, organizing [This is a slightly difficult task as I do not own a dresser, but everything is hanging in my closet, or nearly folded into compact boxes] finishing a project, going to a comedy show, cream (veg. lemon cookies with soy cherry chip), hookah and telephone pictionary. Goal for today is to a) finish unpacking and b) go grocery shopping.
Here is a picture of my room in its current state. rather, a few pictures:

obviously it is still a work in progress. New roommates seem awesome. house is awesome with a chalk wall, a roof deck, and word magnets on the refrigerator.
Also…finally went to starbucks for a gingerbread latte…tastes just like a remember…which is yummy…and i kindof want another one. (my intelligentsia beans from LA are treating me well, however)
Its a good thing dead week is coming up. this weekend was a semi-mini-break from schoolwork, that is schoolwork which requires a lot of effort, and it was instead spent with friends, moving, and doing other odds and ends. That changes on…monday. blech. I also will be working on dead week, which i guess is alright because I will be getting money and its only 8 hours and its a good distraction. I am not looking forward to studying. I hate school. not really. why am i here. what am i doing with my life. what am i going to do with my life. instead, i leave you with a cute little panda graffiti

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