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craft day and photos

today i cut up a t-shirt, made a rosette, and went for a stroll around the lake.

some of the following…only in silverlake.

i also saw a dog in sunglasses. seriously?
here are more creations from the past few days

starting tomorrow, i have to get my sh*t together and start being productive. that is, figure out my summer. i really dont now what to do, so the more things i apply for, jobs internships, and whatnot, the more options i will have, and the more things i can eliminate. i am debating between a camp counselor at a sleep away camp, or an internship at some non profit. pros and cons of each
Counselor: its paid, i can go almost anywhere in the US or possibly europe so i would get some traveling in, its not a desk job and would be very fulfilling and fun (not to mention lots of hard work) being with kids all day. cons are that it may not be the best networking option
Internship: unpaid. but i could spend the summer in berkeley and possibly go to summer school and get financial aid. it would be excellent for networking later. it seems like what i “should” do, and it would require me to intern somewhere that interests me or else i would dye of boredom sitting at a desk.
Meh…why must this be so complicated. it seems like no matter what there is always more, always the next thing to work for. in high school it was doing things to look good for college apps, in community college it was getting things to place on my UC apps, now its doing things for future jobs. i guess thats life.

1 week down

so today is exactly a week since i finished my semester at Berkeley, with a throbbing hand and bleary, slightly puffy eyes. i stumbled out of my final, feeling rather confident that I did well, that my hours of studying did pay off. within the hour I was drinking, and within 2 hours i was…fairly buzzed, relatively drunk, possibly falling…asleep.
My studying did pay off as a matter of fact. I got straight A’s. And as my personality does, I keep brushing it off, thinking its just a fluke. I mean, Soc. 5 (evaluation of evidence) is a lower division class, so it would be simple to get an A. plus, we didn’t have a real final, simply exam #6 on book #6 and the tests are pretty easy. My Urban Soc. class, although upper div, was not a hard class. the teacher was an easy grader, the material was slightly boring but straight forward enough, so getting an A was also not as difficult as one would anticipate. plus, the final was a a take home. My hardest class, food in the environment, was actually hard with lots of material to study and cover. but because my other classes were easy, i was able to study non-stop for that final, which is why i did well, which is why i got an A. (despite having gotten a B on my research paper). So you see, the only reason I managed to keep my 4.0 is because I had easy classes that allowed me to focus on my hard class. this is how my brain works.

Break has been grand so far. I told myself I had one week to simply bum around and not do anything. After that I would start working on applications for internships/summer related stuff. Its been a great week of bumming. this is what my bumming has consisted of:
1) movie hopping and meandering through the americana looking at decorations and feeling that it was the holidays for the first time
2) puttering over to the library and getting 2 books
3) reading one of the above said books
4) watching the office. my goal is to be caught up by the end of break, and I have 2.5 seasons to go
5) going running. well, its more like putting on my running shoes, running for a block, and then strolling at leisurely pace the rest of the way
6) sipping cappuccinos at intelligentsia whilst looking at the pretty people. last time i was there, all 4 baristas were (rather cute) guys, all wearing plaid shirts. I wonder if they planned it out.
7) seeing the nutcracker
8) semi absurd amounts of [veg] cooking and baking: beer bread, chili, tempeh, mac n cheeze, banana chocolate bread, and gingersnaps. I need people to feed!
9) seeing some people, reconnecting with other people
10) sleeping. hardcore drool-inducing naps

i think thats it. well, mostly it. now if anyone wants to join me on my ‘ventures, i have a list to work through.

first day of vacation…

spent my first day of break in Berkeley basking in the glory of being done with finals and doing several things which i neglected over the past 2 weeks.
a) its a good thing i have a lot of clothes and towels because i did three loads of laundry today…i had not washed anything since thanksgiving
b) i also swept and mopped my floor
c) i moved a new piece of furniture into my room. its this awesome chest with 2 drawers. into the chest went all my books, and into the drawers went my socks and underwears. i still need an actual dresser for my shirts

d) printed and filled out a rebate form for my contact lenses
e) finished reading a nonschoolrelated book. it was amazing
f) took a nap. it was also amazing
g) poked around the street fair on telegraph
h) went on a bike ride through north berkeley because its pretty (hence the helmet, i love my brain)

i) went to remedy coffee and powells, probably two of my favorite places in berkeley
j) listened to music (note to self: go to amoeba)
k) went to berkeley bowl and purchased massive-thesizeofmyhead-apples
it was indeed a good day. and now its 8 pm and i have to pack my stuff for la. i realized a month is a while to be gone, so i actually have to think about what i want and need. of course, i can always buy more clothing if i “forget” something. I also must remove the last bits of nail polish from my fingers as they look quite pathetic and repaint them. and i need to fold all my clothes which are currently piled quite nicely on my bed. but i can listen to music and rock out in the process, so its not all bad. and i also have a letter to write tonight. and then my epic plan of epicness is to watch episodes of the office until i fall into blissful slumber.

I have a few goals and plans while I am in LA
-fill out applications and figure out my summer plans. what i would really like to do is be a camp counselor at a camp somewhere in europe.
-start my own kombucha culture
-possibly relearn how to crochet so i can make headbands
-re-dye and recoordinate my hair (my bangs are almost long enough to go behind my ears!) i am thinking bubble gum pink.
-see people of course. if they want to see me that is
-go to amoeba, as previously mentioned
-farmers market, intelligentsia, thirsty crow, berlincurrywurst, flore vegan, cafe gratitude, goodwill
-make bread
-make vegan cheese
-go to the movies
-take a ballet class

i will miss my bike. i wish i could bring it to LA. but oh well.


um, i finished my first semester at berkeley. um, what just happened? i seriously have absolutely no idea. so i will summarize some key points, and things i have done, for all who are interested in reading about the (not so trivial) aspects of my life.
1) i house hunted and moved all by my very own self
2) i biked to school through the rain
3) i never missed a lecture or discussion. wait, i lie. i missed one…the wednesday before thanksgiving
4) i acquired a taste for beer
5) i met really awesome people
6) i met a few not so awesome people, but i don’t remember who they are
7) i got my first B on an assignment…since…high school?
8) i went to my first football game
9) i got a job
10) i learned more about myself than i learned in my classes. that whole thing about dating yourself, doing whatever you want to do. not needing to please or impress anyone else. not being impulsive necessarily, but more…intuitive…its pretty awesome.
-i came to Berkeley with grad school in mind. Now, I am not so sure. I am good at school. I could pull off grad school and a PhD. I would make it happen…but its not necessarily what i want to do with my life.
-on that note, i have no idea what i want to do with my life…but…
-i am more in touch with the things i really want…which has lead me back to having the same goals i had when i was a small child…namely a second grade teacher
-i think i still like ballet. (need to go take class. thats the next step)
-food is food. eating one thing wont change the world, the food system, or myself. that being said, there are still ethics which I think need to be observed.
-i am a goofball.
-i am a pretty big goofball, and that is ok if I act like a 12 year old.
-i have a lot more confidence than i thought i had
-i can wear 20 million colors at once
-there is nothing more liberating than moving somewhere and not knowing anyone and being completely and utterly free to be myself without any preconceived notions of how i should, or how i am supposed, to act
-i get to do what i want to do when i want to do it
-i am learning how to be alone and do nothing and be ok with the doing nothing part
-i do not need to plan out every single part of my day. things will get done. i will get my things done at the appropriate time.
-i can totally buy kids wild cherry toothpaste and disney princess band aids
-its completely legitimate to get overly excited about a candy store

Here are all the books and readers from this semster:

and here is the gum i chewed while studying for my last final (i think within a 2 or 3 hour timespan)

its a good thing I do not smoke, or else i would be the pack-a-day type person. this is also the reason I do not buy gum anymore (unless I am under extreme stress or pressure aka studying for finals)

so its been a good 4 months. 1 semester down. 3 more to go. meep.

dead week

its called dead week, but I don’t think I have been busier yet. not from the multitude of things to do, but just from the sheer amount of studying. i managed to have a very enjoyable weekend (last weekend) and monday was when the hard-core-ness started. My days pretty much consisted of work for 2 hours in morning, coming home, eating, and then occupying Hillel from about 1 until midnight. good times indeed. There are breaks in between for a) coffee b) BBQ c) shabbat dinner d) goofingoffohmanicannotdothisanymore. On Friday night we did grab a beer around 1 am when we finished. Last night I burned out aroudn 11, which is something I am a little scared of because my hardest final is not until friday. I might be so over everything by then.
Whats funny, is that I keep telling myself if Ron, Harry, and Hermione could study so much while they were at Hogwarts, there is no reason I should not be able to do the same thing in Berkeley. I keep remembering bits of the book where they would spend hours in the common room or in the library. Its probably a little sad that this is what I think of when I need to force myself to sit still for long chunks of time.
I have been productive. My 8 page Urban Soc. take home final is typed up, i just need to revise it. It is due on Wednesday.
I finished my 3 page reading response for my Edible Education (michael pollan) class.
I am not to worried about Soc 5 (aka evaluation of evidence) because our final is just another exam, not cumulative. I got A’s on all 5 of my other exams, so even if I flunk this one I can still get a good grade.
My hardest and most stressful final is on Friday: Geography 130 aka Food and the Environment. Cumulative, we had 60 readings through the semester, everything is “fair game” we need to know authors and arguments and how population, food, the market, resources, and the environment are all related in some perverse ways. I have been studying for it since monday, going through each article and typing up a summary. Then going through all my notes and lecture slides. then summarizing my summaries. I think yesterday was the first time that concepts finally started to make sense in my head and I can see all the relationships. Today I am studying with a classmate, so that will help. Then Monday through Thursday its going to be more review and summarizing and defining terms. The final itself is 10 term definitions (1 paragraph each) 5 short answers (2-3 paragraphs each) and 2 essays (5-7 paragraphs each) I really hope I do well, I am really nervous. I managed an A on the midterm, but I got a B on the research paper, so…if i can get a B in this class I will be satisfied. I can’t believe I just said that.

Well, its 1:20 and I still did not start studying today. I went for a bike ride to powells, berkeley bowl, made food, and now I will eat and then revise my paper so its done and off my mind. I needed a break…my poor brain. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because my head would not shut down…I kept having names and terms flash through my mind, along with visions of blanking out during exam time. but I finally fell asleep.

december[ists] month

a very happy start to december indeed. except for one thing, which I will get out of the way first. I got my first “B” on a paper. It was a research paper for my food in the environment class. sad, sad, occurrence indeed. Its actually my hardest and least favorite and most boring class this semester, and it has the hardest final which I get to start studying for tomorrow. Tomorrow the studying starts, which means today I need to finish reading Heat Wave, a book for my soc. class. I have…about 60 pages to do so its totally doable.
Thursday was moving day epic amazingness. *shout out to everyone that helped* I scored a soccer mom mini van, and within two trips everything was out of my old room, and into my new. after returning the car by rockridge, we traipsed over to cafe colucci for an Ethiopian feast (something we were planning since september). It was delicious, accompanied by good people and good honey wine. and lots of Injera.

After said feast, moseyed to Jupiter for beer, and Kips for goodnessknowswhatthatplaceisdisgusting.
Friday consisted of unpacking, organizing [This is a slightly difficult task as I do not own a dresser, but everything is hanging in my closet, or nearly folded into compact boxes] finishing a project, going to a comedy show, cream (veg. lemon cookies with soy cherry chip), hookah and telephone pictionary. Goal for today is to a) finish unpacking and b) go grocery shopping.
Here is a picture of my room in its current state. rather, a few pictures:

obviously it is still a work in progress. New roommates seem awesome. house is awesome with a chalk wall, a roof deck, and word magnets on the refrigerator.
Also…finally went to starbucks for a gingerbread latte…tastes just like a remember…which is yummy…and i kindof want another one. (my intelligentsia beans from LA are treating me well, however)
Its a good thing dead week is coming up. this weekend was a semi-mini-break from schoolwork, that is schoolwork which requires a lot of effort, and it was instead spent with friends, moving, and doing other odds and ends. That changes on…monday. blech. I also will be working on dead week, which i guess is alright because I will be getting money and its only 8 hours and its a good distraction. I am not looking forward to studying. I hate school. not really. why am i here. what am i doing with my life. what am i going to do with my life. instead, i leave you with a cute little panda graffiti