last day of november

After being in LA and finding out that a few people actually read this thing, I thought it would be a good time to post. Especially being at work right now, I need a distraction. Plus, it makes me look busy and productive.

Tomorrow is moving day. This excites me immensely for several reasons. I will be closer to campus therefore, I can wake up later. Therefore, I can walk to school. Therefore, I can wear skirts. I do not have to worry about a BUI. I will have laundry in the basement. I will have a bigger room. I will have a bigger bed. I am a little sad that Berkeley Bowl will be further away, but I can cope with that.

The only thing I am slightly concerned about, is lack of physical activity being so close to campus. As of now, my bike ride is 1.3 miles each way meaning I bike 2.6 miles every day. I have to make sure I do not turn into a lazy Mclazy.
I am mostly packed. I am borrowing a van. I hope I can recruit enough wo/man power to help me.

Thanksgiving break in LA was lovely. First of all, it was 80 degrees. I wore…a tank top, something unheard of for the past few months (not without a sweater over it, which defeats the purpose anyhow). I went to Intelligentsia, Berlincurrywurst, 4100 bar, and the farmers market. I went to the darkroom. I saw some awesome people. I made a vegan apple crisp. I visited my old job. I slept. I had my mom do my laundry. I had my mom fold all my laundry. It was definitely worth the drive. The way down was fast, entertaining, and boozy. The way up was long, still entertaining, but not boozy. Thank goodness for the good company, 20 questions, killfuckormarry, and Chinese fire drills.

I am now plowing through my last project of the semester before dead week and then finals. A research paper on an urban area in Oakland and food deserts. Good thing my partner is a good partner because it makes a 15 page paper only 7.5 pages each. Woo!

Last night was the last Edible Edu (Michael Pollan) class. To be quite honest, I am happy that it is over. I was getting rather bored with the repetitive discourse and dialogue about race and place. We have inequalities which manifest themselves through food. Health. Diet. There are some proposed solutions, but none are clear cut because the food movement is so young. Eat organic. Eat local. But wait…local may be more degrading to the environment! Organic is overly regulated undermining the original cause! In the entire semester, compulsive dieting and eating disorders were not brought up at all, which I find rather funny as they go hand in hand with obesity and diabetes. But for some reason (well, maybe because thinness is valued and eating disorders, like obesity, can be blamed on the individual) the impact of eating pure and local foods on men and women may take on different forms of compulsive and rigid dieting.

The media will emphasize local and organic foods. They are valued. They are better. They are in. And so, people will stop eating conventional foods, processed foods, and “junk”. In theory that is excellent save for those who will go too far. I wonder what the impact of the “slow food” paradigm is on eating disordered individuals. On the other hand, an emphasis on “wholesome” eating which is good for the planet can become an avenue for recovery. Focusing on a global and large scale view of food and its impact on the environment instead of an individual calorie/fat/sugar based scale. I will stop my musings here because I they probably sound very incoherent.

And, I should probably get back to work.

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