the big ol’ game day bonfire was yesterday, and although entertaining to see a huge amount of wood get epically lit on fire, I was over it in about 10 minutes and couldn’t stop thinking about the evolution of humans and fire and land relationships thanks to some reading I had done. But nevertheless, go bears. Interestingly enough, there was a real fire last night at an older apartment building on Telegraph avenue. Fire takes on a totally different meaning when it takes things away from people and causes damage as opposed to a celebratory type bonfire. bondfire?

A test on Thursday, and a Midterm Friday, l now only have a final project left before…finals. Needless to say, I cannot wait! I have been so busy, but I cannot really figure out with what. Well, maybe a basketball game, a football game, homework, work, meetings, a dinner at Jupiter, a walk out, doing cartwheels down telegraph. And awesomeness at the Smugglers Cove in SF, a pirate themed Tiki Bar!

A funny story about a good deed done. A friend of mine found someones phone, and so like a good person, decided to figure out who it belonged to (easy) and return it to its rightful owner by leaving it at an appropriate location. But not without a little prank of course. Lots can be discovered by reading text messages, such as the love and overprotecting nature of a fellows mom. So along with his phone, we left a note, just for fun.

Something odd which I never thought would happen, is that I seem to be acquiring a taste for…beer. Obviously not all beer, lighter beer, not so bitter beer, beer without an aftertaste of sorts. Oh dear. It may have to do with several factors: local breweries, everyone drinks it, so I keep trying it, and I really enjoyed beer as a small child when my Parents allowed me a sip from their bottles.

I have been listening to Leonard Cohen obsessively over the past few weeks. Something interesting is that my mother was obsessed with him in her early/mid 20’s. I keep meaning to go to Amoeba or Rasputin to get a few more CDs of his seeing as I only own two and they have been on nonstop repeat. So if anyone wants some awesome new music to listen to, might I suggest this dude.

I am really excited to go home for thanksgiving, which I didn’t realize until plans were made final. I want to go to Intelligentsia, The Thirsty Crow, Starbucks, and I want to drive! And of course there are people I want to see, if they want to see me. I have accumulated a nice pile of laundry, which my mother dearest is oh so lovingly going to do for me while I lounge around at home and have grapes fed to me off a golden platter. OK, I lie about the grapes part…maybe.


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