wish day

Of course. 11/11/11. No, you don’t get to know what I wished for, because if you tell then it wont come true. And if you did not know that, I feel very sorry for you.

Time seems to be racing by oh-so-fast. I only have 2 tests and a project due, and then the semester is OVER! (well, there is finals week to). I am really excited to be going home for thanksgiving, I didn’t realize that there are things I miss about LA. well, maybe not so much LA, but certain places in LA and obviously certain people in LA.

I have adapted quite well to school now, I think, and the reading and whatnot. It still feels odd and strange to me to just have tons of reading and not much to do with it, but I pretty much settled into a nice routine with it all. I am looking forward to my classes next semester, I have decided to take nothing related to food justice because I need a break. (the only food related thing I will be involved in is alternative breaks. so spring break will involve a service project on some farms a bit south from here. I am hoping that working on them will spark my love for gardening. If not, then I will admit defeat and stop trying to force myself into possibly enjoying the process of planting my own foods. That will be left to others, and I will instead cook and frequent farmers markets instead) Other then that I am enrolled in Soc. Theory, Sociology of Gender, Family in Comparative Perspective, and Culture in Comparative Perspective. What I have also learned, is that I am much more interested in Micro sociology as opposed to looking at things on a global macro scale. I like interpersonal relationships and small group interactions, and language and the way people make meaning from their surroundings and situations. Still have no idea where this will take me after graduating.

I had a research paper due on thursday, and made the awesome decision to go to my GSI’s office hours. It was awesome in the sense that we got to talk about my topic (artificial sweeteners and culture). I also asked her about grad school and her dissertation and such. But what was not awesome, is all the new ideas I now had in my head about the topic and how to structure my paper. So naturally, I did not look or think about it for two days after the meeting, and resorted to restructuring it the night before it was due. Actually, it was a strategic move, because had i attempted to revise right after meeting with her, I would have grown increasingly frustrated undermining any sort of progress that I could make. I hope I get an A.

Another SUPER DUPER EXCITING thing, is that I have found a place closer to campus and moving day is December 1st. (everyone mark your calendars so you can come help). Its a three bedroom, to be shared with a Haas business major, and a linguistics grad student. includes laundry in the basement, and a maid 2x per month. no, I am not spoiled. Best part is, rent is the same as what I pay now. woo!!!!

Attended art murmer in oakland last friday which was loads of fun. cold, yet fun to meander through the street and see art and be surrounded by mass amounts of people.

The above picture I like because it is something I would love to do to a few of the books I had to read this semester. (caption says ‘a few pages of Ulysses soaked in the last of my coffee) There are three specific ones which I will advise you to never read if you can help it. The first: Black Pride and Black Prejudice. Second: Anglos and Mexican and the Making of Texas. Third: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, America’s Global Cities.

And the above picture is just really awesome.

Triple Rock Brewery, one of my favorite bars in northish Berkeley makes cider. There are always three different flavors and when I went on tuesday I tried blood orange cider. oh so delicious. here is a somewhat dark picture of where they brew beer:

And here is reading at Good Bellies Cafe. that is my helmet, my reader, and a soy latte.

Novemer 9th was the rally on sproul against the tuition hikes which are planned for the UC system. Went at noon to support. I don’t think I am one who would actively be a leader in a movement as such, but I will support it whenever I can. I would personally rather be active on a smaller lever (micro vs macro) and make differences in peoples immediate lives, leave some sort of impact. Because there are people from long ago in my past that I still think about and they have influenced me directly. I guess I just want to be one of those people for someone else in whatever profession or movement I commit to supporting.


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