tuesdays suck

Its been a busy few days, weeks, whatever, to say the least. Not that its ever not busy. Midterms are done, and I have done well. I was extremely pleased with my 99% on my 10 page geography take home. But then again, it was a take home so that kindof undermines it…I mean, all the information I needed to write a coherent response was there in front of me.

Halloween came and went in an interesting flurry of activity. I dressed up as Olive Oyl whilst my friend was Popeye. It was an epic costume to say the least, I wish I could have worn it for more than one day. On the actual day of Halloween, the 31st, we had a study party because November 1st (which is today) was test day for what is my dumbest and most annoying and pointless class which feels like I am teaching the GSI. 6 books, a test every two weeks, lectures which make no sense, bullshit type essays consisting of random explanations for intervening, mediating, extraneous, exogenous variables etc etc etc. *is over it* So study party consisted of snacks, cider, and discussing “The Dignity of Working Men”. Actually, I must say, the book is fascinating, a really good read, but the class killed it.

and here is me reading the book at remedy:

Today is 11/1/11. Which means there is one month until the last day of classes of semester #1 at Berkeley. Time…has flown. I have a paper due next Thursday, 2 exams the week after that, and another paper due December 2nd. And then a take home final, an in class final, and an in class test. *excited*

At this current moment I am sitting at work, I guess you could say killing time, or is that stealing? The thing is, I have done all the tasks I needed to do, so I don’t really have anything else to do and I am so very very very tired that my eyes are drooping and all I want to do is sleep. Reallllyyy badly. And Tuesdays are my longest days: I left the house at 7:45 am, and wont be home until probably 10. I hate Tuesdays.

I hate sitting next to people who make odd noises, such as now. The person is coughing, sniffling, grunting etc. ew

Alice Waters spoke in class today, with rober Reich. She is adorable, super timid, and did not sound anything like what I had expected. she called fresh fruit and veggies “little jewels” cute. I hafta admit though, I was zoning out. I guess you don’t need to be an engaging speaker if you are a good cook.

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