last day of november

After being in LA and finding out that a few people actually read this thing, I thought it would be a good time to post. Especially being at work right now, I need a distraction. Plus, it makes me look busy and productive.

Tomorrow is moving day. This excites me immensely for several reasons. I will be closer to campus therefore, I can wake up later. Therefore, I can walk to school. Therefore, I can wear skirts. I do not have to worry about a BUI. I will have laundry in the basement. I will have a bigger room. I will have a bigger bed. I am a little sad that Berkeley Bowl will be further away, but I can cope with that.

The only thing I am slightly concerned about, is lack of physical activity being so close to campus. As of now, my bike ride is 1.3 miles each way meaning I bike 2.6 miles every day. I have to make sure I do not turn into a lazy Mclazy.
I am mostly packed. I am borrowing a van. I hope I can recruit enough wo/man power to help me.

Thanksgiving break in LA was lovely. First of all, it was 80 degrees. I wore…a tank top, something unheard of for the past few months (not without a sweater over it, which defeats the purpose anyhow). I went to Intelligentsia, Berlincurrywurst, 4100 bar, and the farmers market. I went to the darkroom. I saw some awesome people. I made a vegan apple crisp. I visited my old job. I slept. I had my mom do my laundry. I had my mom fold all my laundry. It was definitely worth the drive. The way down was fast, entertaining, and boozy. The way up was long, still entertaining, but not boozy. Thank goodness for the good company, 20 questions, killfuckormarry, and Chinese fire drills.

I am now plowing through my last project of the semester before dead week and then finals. A research paper on an urban area in Oakland and food deserts. Good thing my partner is a good partner because it makes a 15 page paper only 7.5 pages each. Woo!

Last night was the last Edible Edu (Michael Pollan) class. To be quite honest, I am happy that it is over. I was getting rather bored with the repetitive discourse and dialogue about race and place. We have inequalities which manifest themselves through food. Health. Diet. There are some proposed solutions, but none are clear cut because the food movement is so young. Eat organic. Eat local. But wait…local may be more degrading to the environment! Organic is overly regulated undermining the original cause! In the entire semester, compulsive dieting and eating disorders were not brought up at all, which I find rather funny as they go hand in hand with obesity and diabetes. But for some reason (well, maybe because thinness is valued and eating disorders, like obesity, can be blamed on the individual) the impact of eating pure and local foods on men and women may take on different forms of compulsive and rigid dieting.

The media will emphasize local and organic foods. They are valued. They are better. They are in. And so, people will stop eating conventional foods, processed foods, and “junk”. In theory that is excellent save for those who will go too far. I wonder what the impact of the “slow food” paradigm is on eating disordered individuals. On the other hand, an emphasis on “wholesome” eating which is good for the planet can become an avenue for recovery. Focusing on a global and large scale view of food and its impact on the environment instead of an individual calorie/fat/sugar based scale. I will stop my musings here because I they probably sound very incoherent.

And, I should probably get back to work.



the big ol’ game day bonfire was yesterday, and although entertaining to see a huge amount of wood get epically lit on fire, I was over it in about 10 minutes and couldn’t stop thinking about the evolution of humans and fire and land relationships thanks to some reading I had done. But nevertheless, go bears. Interestingly enough, there was a real fire last night at an older apartment building on Telegraph avenue. Fire takes on a totally different meaning when it takes things away from people and causes damage as opposed to a celebratory type bonfire. bondfire?

A test on Thursday, and a Midterm Friday, l now only have a final project left before…finals. Needless to say, I cannot wait! I have been so busy, but I cannot really figure out with what. Well, maybe a basketball game, a football game, homework, work, meetings, a dinner at Jupiter, a walk out, doing cartwheels down telegraph. And awesomeness at the Smugglers Cove in SF, a pirate themed Tiki Bar!

A funny story about a good deed done. A friend of mine found someones phone, and so like a good person, decided to figure out who it belonged to (easy) and return it to its rightful owner by leaving it at an appropriate location. But not without a little prank of course. Lots can be discovered by reading text messages, such as the love and overprotecting nature of a fellows mom. So along with his phone, we left a note, just for fun.

Something odd which I never thought would happen, is that I seem to be acquiring a taste for…beer. Obviously not all beer, lighter beer, not so bitter beer, beer without an aftertaste of sorts. Oh dear. It may have to do with several factors: local breweries, everyone drinks it, so I keep trying it, and I really enjoyed beer as a small child when my Parents allowed me a sip from their bottles.

I have been listening to Leonard Cohen obsessively over the past few weeks. Something interesting is that my mother was obsessed with him in her early/mid 20’s. I keep meaning to go to Amoeba or Rasputin to get a few more CDs of his seeing as I only own two and they have been on nonstop repeat. So if anyone wants some awesome new music to listen to, might I suggest this dude.

I am really excited to go home for thanksgiving, which I didn’t realize until plans were made final. I want to go to Intelligentsia, The Thirsty Crow, Starbucks, and I want to drive! And of course there are people I want to see, if they want to see me. I have accumulated a nice pile of laundry, which my mother dearest is oh so lovingly going to do for me while I lounge around at home and have grapes fed to me off a golden platter. OK, I lie about the grapes part…maybe.

wish day

Of course. 11/11/11. No, you don’t get to know what I wished for, because if you tell then it wont come true. And if you did not know that, I feel very sorry for you.

Time seems to be racing by oh-so-fast. I only have 2 tests and a project due, and then the semester is OVER! (well, there is finals week to). I am really excited to be going home for thanksgiving, I didn’t realize that there are things I miss about LA. well, maybe not so much LA, but certain places in LA and obviously certain people in LA.

I have adapted quite well to school now, I think, and the reading and whatnot. It still feels odd and strange to me to just have tons of reading and not much to do with it, but I pretty much settled into a nice routine with it all. I am looking forward to my classes next semester, I have decided to take nothing related to food justice because I need a break. (the only food related thing I will be involved in is alternative breaks. so spring break will involve a service project on some farms a bit south from here. I am hoping that working on them will spark my love for gardening. If not, then I will admit defeat and stop trying to force myself into possibly enjoying the process of planting my own foods. That will be left to others, and I will instead cook and frequent farmers markets instead) Other then that I am enrolled in Soc. Theory, Sociology of Gender, Family in Comparative Perspective, and Culture in Comparative Perspective. What I have also learned, is that I am much more interested in Micro sociology as opposed to looking at things on a global macro scale. I like interpersonal relationships and small group interactions, and language and the way people make meaning from their surroundings and situations. Still have no idea where this will take me after graduating.

I had a research paper due on thursday, and made the awesome decision to go to my GSI’s office hours. It was awesome in the sense that we got to talk about my topic (artificial sweeteners and culture). I also asked her about grad school and her dissertation and such. But what was not awesome, is all the new ideas I now had in my head about the topic and how to structure my paper. So naturally, I did not look or think about it for two days after the meeting, and resorted to restructuring it the night before it was due. Actually, it was a strategic move, because had i attempted to revise right after meeting with her, I would have grown increasingly frustrated undermining any sort of progress that I could make. I hope I get an A.

Another SUPER DUPER EXCITING thing, is that I have found a place closer to campus and moving day is December 1st. (everyone mark your calendars so you can come help). Its a three bedroom, to be shared with a Haas business major, and a linguistics grad student. includes laundry in the basement, and a maid 2x per month. no, I am not spoiled. Best part is, rent is the same as what I pay now. woo!!!!

Attended art murmer in oakland last friday which was loads of fun. cold, yet fun to meander through the street and see art and be surrounded by mass amounts of people.

The above picture I like because it is something I would love to do to a few of the books I had to read this semester. (caption says ‘a few pages of Ulysses soaked in the last of my coffee) There are three specific ones which I will advise you to never read if you can help it. The first: Black Pride and Black Prejudice. Second: Anglos and Mexican and the Making of Texas. Third: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, America’s Global Cities.

And the above picture is just really awesome.

Triple Rock Brewery, one of my favorite bars in northish Berkeley makes cider. There are always three different flavors and when I went on tuesday I tried blood orange cider. oh so delicious. here is a somewhat dark picture of where they brew beer:

And here is reading at Good Bellies Cafe. that is my helmet, my reader, and a soy latte.

Novemer 9th was the rally on sproul against the tuition hikes which are planned for the UC system. Went at noon to support. I don’t think I am one who would actively be a leader in a movement as such, but I will support it whenever I can. I would personally rather be active on a smaller lever (micro vs macro) and make differences in peoples immediate lives, leave some sort of impact. Because there are people from long ago in my past that I still think about and they have influenced me directly. I guess I just want to be one of those people for someone else in whatever profession or movement I commit to supporting.

tuesdays suck

Its been a busy few days, weeks, whatever, to say the least. Not that its ever not busy. Midterms are done, and I have done well. I was extremely pleased with my 99% on my 10 page geography take home. But then again, it was a take home so that kindof undermines it…I mean, all the information I needed to write a coherent response was there in front of me.

Halloween came and went in an interesting flurry of activity. I dressed up as Olive Oyl whilst my friend was Popeye. It was an epic costume to say the least, I wish I could have worn it for more than one day. On the actual day of Halloween, the 31st, we had a study party because November 1st (which is today) was test day for what is my dumbest and most annoying and pointless class which feels like I am teaching the GSI. 6 books, a test every two weeks, lectures which make no sense, bullshit type essays consisting of random explanations for intervening, mediating, extraneous, exogenous variables etc etc etc. *is over it* So study party consisted of snacks, cider, and discussing “The Dignity of Working Men”. Actually, I must say, the book is fascinating, a really good read, but the class killed it.

and here is me reading the book at remedy:

Today is 11/1/11. Which means there is one month until the last day of classes of semester #1 at Berkeley. Time…has flown. I have a paper due next Thursday, 2 exams the week after that, and another paper due December 2nd. And then a take home final, an in class final, and an in class test. *excited*

At this current moment I am sitting at work, I guess you could say killing time, or is that stealing? The thing is, I have done all the tasks I needed to do, so I don’t really have anything else to do and I am so very very very tired that my eyes are drooping and all I want to do is sleep. Reallllyyy badly. And Tuesdays are my longest days: I left the house at 7:45 am, and wont be home until probably 10. I hate Tuesdays.

I hate sitting next to people who make odd noises, such as now. The person is coughing, sniffling, grunting etc. ew

Alice Waters spoke in class today, with rober Reich. She is adorable, super timid, and did not sound anything like what I had expected. she called fresh fruit and veggies “little jewels” cute. I hafta admit though, I was zoning out. I guess you don’t need to be an engaging speaker if you are a good cook.