triple rock

Not a fan of beer, it is ironic that I really like Triple Rock Brewery. But then again, they have three types of cider, which in my book makes up for it. Went last night with my roommate, and it was pretty crowded. A few fine folk sitting round a big table which was half empty invited us to sit with them. After a failed attempt at starting a conversation [let me clarify, after they failed to respond to our conversational prompts] we moved to smaller table. A lonesome fellow was standing nearby, looking a bit lost. So, we decided to be nice, and invited him to sit with us. Struck up a conversation. It was pretty awesome. He is doing teach for america in Arizona, currently in year number 2, and he went to Duke, in North Carolina, which I thought was exciting as its not very frequently you meet someone who spent a bit of time over there. Its kind of odd, how people meet people and either get a long or don’t. And figuring out who is interesting to talk with, based on shared interest or experience, or who you just make conversations with. And hearing peoples stories, adventures, and what brought them to wherever they are.
Then I start thinking what motivates people to do what they do, and why they do it. And I get really curious about what people do when they are alone, that is on their free time, and why they do it. Is it a little strange that one of my favorite things to do when I am alone is sit and watch people and wonder about them?

We had two earthquakes yesterday. One of them was during my discussion section for my geography class. Naturally, it turned into a game of “guess the magnitude” It was a 4.2, if I recall correctly. I guessed 3.9. The second was later that evening, while I was reading about the failure of urban planning and consequences of gentrification. Amusing. And according to Yoshua (one of the famous figures of Sproul Plaza) the end of the world is today. Its really entertaining to see him there everyday, but sometimes I start thinking, If this really were my last day on earth, what would I do? and would I be content with the things I have done up until this point in time?


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