parental unit

on bart into SF…

Raj Patel is my new favorite person. I want his accent. And I want Michael Pollans socks. They were electric blue today.
Some quotes for your enjoyment
-in speaking of British Imperialism in India “they [Indians] said ‘no thank you’. And the British responded ‘no, no, we have guns!'”
-in speaking of Malthus and his opinion of the poor “malthus reduces the poor to insatiable genitalia. all they are doing is eating and shagging” (yes, he said shagging)
-in speaking of the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science, and Technology for Development “The IAASTD, well obviously they didn’t go to acronym school”
-in speaking of the supermarket “it is the food industry’s ground zero…we cannot shop our way out”
-“diet coke plus, the food industry’s response to solve a problem of obesity” HA Just like golden rice will solve vitamin A deficiencies in poor countries. Rice. Not poverty.

I registered for 2 of my spring classes: woohoo. Soc 180C is comparative cultures: US and Europe, looking at the downfall of the American Dream. And 184, family in comparative perspectives, looking at the roles of families and relationships within them. I may switch my 180 to 130, urban inequalities, but I am not sure. I am not sure about anything school related. I have no idea what I want to do, or even what direction to take sociology in. Oddly, I am sick of food and agriculture. Maybe I had to much overload this semester. I really just enjoy people watching more than anything, and listening to what people talk about, and finding out what people do with their time, how they spend it, where they go, why they do what they do, what meaning if any they find in the things they do, etc etc. What class talks about that?

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