the parental unit

So my parentals and my seester (edit: sister) drove up to Berkeley Friday night. It been…about two months since I had seen them last, so its been a fun little visit. I miss them and all, and as much fun as I am having with them, I can now realize how my levels of stress slightly increase in their proximity. But they are my parents, and I really think thats part of the job description. And its amazing having them buy me stuff. Of course thats not the only reason I am glad to see them…Something quite amusing, is that my sister and I were matching on Friday, without planning or seeing each other (for two months) Flowery high wasted flow-y shorts, a black tank top, black tights, and boots. wow…

Yesterday was a pretty intense day of walking walking walking through Berkeley. Oh, and going to the Northface outlet so I could be prepared for winter, which I now am. (2 jackets! woo!) Meandering through telegraph, onto campus, watching the Cal vs USC quidditch game, into downtown Berkeley, and back to south side. I felt like I was in elementary school again, when its open house and you get to show your parents where all your classes are. Except, there is no artwork or writing assignments with gold starts on the wall which you get to proudly point to and your parents get to ogle at and praise you. I showed them my readers and books instead, but for some reason, it was not as impressive.

Later that night we barted into SF for litcrawl in the mission district. Super loads of fun seeing a friend read and later hanging out and drinking/eating/talking at a restaurant/bar/gallery. And getting my copy of his book signed of course!!!!

Today shall be a rather epic day: block party. I remember these things from my childhood, when we would come visit the bay area every year around this time to see our friends. Street closes, running around, playing neighborly games of frisbee and relay races. Epic amounts of food, falafel more specifically, with pita bread brought directly from israel via suitcase. Booze.

Speaking of booze, another place has been explored. Triple Rock Brewery in North Berkeley. A pub, with an attached brewery that rotates beers, and has local and seasonal offerings, and three types of cider! yay cider! It was rather amusing working our way through two glasses and then heading to chabad for dinner in the Sukkah (Sukkot=Jewish holiday). But so delicious and worth it and made the night rather fun.

I have hardly done any homework this weekend. Luckily, I have no exams, so its just reading, however it tends to pile up quite fast when its neglected. Heck, even if its not neglected!!! But my goal is to get some done today before and after the party of blocks aka block party.

I also have received my first paycheck! woohoo!

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