midtermz down!

to date, I have had 3 exams, one in class midterm, and one ten page take home midterm. I still have 4 more exams, 2 projects, a take home final, and an in class final. oi. I have only gotten one grade back…on the first exam I took, and it was a 98%. bam! do I feel like I learned anything or retained information? mmmm….nooottreeaalllly.

I had a test today on one of the worst books I have possibly ever read. It seemed that the poor structure and arguments within the book rubbed off on the professor and GSIs as they were writing the exam because it was poorly written as well. Just to illustrate the brilliance of this book, here is my favorite line (ahem) “and the views of those who are drawn to politics are shaped partly by the fact that they are drawn to politics”
What is the title of this awful book might you ask? Listen carefully, so you do not ever find it in your hands. Black Pride and Black Prejudice, by Paul Sniderman and Thomas Piazza. The topic itself seems interesting: via a survey study they sought to find out how being black in America influences your perception and relation to american ideals, anti-semitism, personal identity, and other assorted variables. But its terrible. I learned nothing. They kept switching questions, variables, experiments, to many commas, to many interjections, to many errors. OK, I am done ranting, mainly because I never want to think about that book again. But it sucked to spend so much time studying something so…ridiculously bad.
Well, I must admit having a random dance party and learning how to dougie after a study session was quite fun.
As was this:

As was drinking at 11:15 AM after the exam and going to my next class buzzed where we finished watching Food, Inc. Even under the influence of alcohol, however, the food system in America does not look better.
Another AMAZING discovery of the day, a bag of bread ends (baked daily honey wheat) costs only 25 cents because they are rejects by the secret place that sells them!!!!
I also applied for “Alternative Breaks” a weeklong service project over spring break. Crossing my fingers that I get placed into a project!

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