art murmur

friday eve=downtown oakland=art murmur=art walk=awesomeness. Standard drill, lots of funky galleries, bars, booze, and meandering through the streets.
That was probably the most exciting part of my weekend seeing as the rest of it consists of an 8-10 page take home midterm and reading and a reading response question. Its intense.

1. “Soil fertility is a historical artifact.” Discuss. Be sure to address these questions: (a) What are the major factors (both human and non‐human) that affect soil fertility? (b) Why does this matter in relation to the theories of Malthus and Marx? (c) How has synthetic fertilizer affected the way food is produced in the US, and how might Marx and Malthus explain these effects?
2. How did Malthus, Smith and Marx understand the role of food—its production and/or its price—in determining human population growth and wellbeing? How did each author account for the existence of poverty? How did urbanization in 19th century Europe challenge or support these theories? How might each author explain current global trends of “suburbanization” and declining household size?
If anyone knows the answers please let me know.

Until the end of the semester I have 1 “thing” be it project, paper or exam per week to focus on, in addition to balancing all the other “normal” work from my classes. Goodbye life, I will see you in December.
I had another exam this past tuesday, and I had a midterm in my Urban Sociology class on Friday, which I think went rather well. 1 hour to answer 4 out of 5 questions related to the theories or articles we have been reading.
I feel like I am getting a bit sick, sore throat and all. I felt like this last week too, but managed to make it go away somehow by ignoring it, I hope that technique will work again. No time to be ill, and no time to rest!

I rode my bike to a starbucks way in north Berkeley yesterday because we wanted to study away from campus, and North Berkeley is beautiful. I kinda took a scenic route (aka got a little lost) which was awesome in the windy none linear roads of north Berkeley. Why starbucks? Uhhhh…the free refill thing does come in handy when you study for 5, 6, 7 hour chunks. Ohmygoodnessiamturningintooneofthosecustomers! But that was my first time at a store since leaving LA and it made me a bit nostalgic for the good ol’ starbucks days. sigh…but I wont cry.

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