starting off the year right

So, I had an exam yesterday, and the morning off today. It was a glorious beyond glorious day (dress weather!) so I decided to explore the city instead of the pages of my books. And, its Rosh Hashana, so I thought it would be an appropriate way to start the new year: cafe hopping in north oakland/temescal. I would have soy macchiatos all morning long. I want to say its the silverlake hipster area of here, and I may have found my intelligentsia equivalent at Remedy Coffee.
I started off at The mixing bowl.

Its a cute little place, they sell local jams and chocolates, as well as some pastries and cafe food (sandwiches, salads and the like) The macchiato was tasty, although a bit to…sour for my taste. I meandered down the street, discovered an amazing craft store filled with used goods and craft ideas (a food processor for 7$), and wandered into Remedy Coffee.

OHMYGOODNESSITWASDELICIOUS! not to darkly roasted or overpowering, the soy milk was slightly sweet, and no hits of a sour aftertaste. plus, no food except for select pastries, meaning they really do specialize in coffee. a bonus? the awesome phone booth and signage.

I kept wandering and passed by this amazing bike rack covered with…sweaters?

By this time, I was pretty wired, so hopped on my bike and headed towards college avenue to find something to eat, and possibly a powells pit stop before class. Where did I end up? a french bakery of sorts, with really enticing bread.

It being rosh hashana and all, I settled for a jewish rye raisin roll and sat in the sun on a bench to watch the passerby and enjoy the contrasting flavors of seedy rye and sweet golden raisins; the crusty semi crunchy outside, with the chewy soft interior.

and then it was time to head to campus, so i did, but stopped at powells first because it was on my way.
I must also mention that the best present arrived in the mail today in the form of a pound of intelligentsia beans, from my mother dearest. an excellent way to start the year methinks.

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