disaster at the laundromat

I decided to be productive this fine (read: rainy and wet) morning and wash my bedding, towels, clothes and whatnot. I packed all my stuff and waltzed (read: walked) over to Washingtown. I proceeded to put my things in the machine, detergent, set the cycle, paid, and let the machine do its job while I half ass studied and pretended to be engaged in my reader. After 40 minutes or so, when the cycle was completed (read: the machine stopped working and rumbling and bouncing, and the ‘in use’ light had turned off) I came to put my bedding in the dryer. I open the top of the machine to find everything sitting a pool of water, not one bit had drained out during the final spin. I angered the dude who was cleaning the place by leaving a trail of water drops along my entire path from machine to dryer. And then I had to spend an absurd amount of time waiting for everything to dry and half ass studying and pretending to be engaged in my reader.

It rained today, and everything was wet. yes, I may be stating the obvious, but its humid and it makes me feel really soggy, like a sad little kitty. However, because it was raining, it wasn’t as cold outside. I have no clothes appropriate for this weather, but I guess its a reason to go buy some! Yup, a silver lining to every cloud.

I had candy for dinner two nights in a row now. Yup, living on my own is awesome!

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