bon iver sounds nice

Gotta love the Berkeley Bowl. Best market ever.

Bon Iver was at the Greek theater last night. I did not have a ticket. I wanted to see the show real bad(ly).
As did many other Berkeley students evident by the large amounts of people who situated themselves on the hill behind the Greek theater to listen to the soothing sultry sounds of music. It was nice to sit on a hill and listen. It was not nice that the security guards wouldn’t let us chill by the fence. But for not paying, I am not complaining. (I still wish I could see!)

Yesterday there was a protest because of the lovely tuition hikes that are planned for the UC schools. I went at noon for the rally, but left relatively early because I had class and back to back things through the rest of the day. But I suppose going for a tiny bit is better than none at all. Read more here:
(sidenote, I know the guy in the photo!)

I still do not know how I did on my first exam, which is frustrating seeing as I have another one this week. (!)

Work is swell, not only am I student coordinator, but next semester I may be co-facilitating the class! woo!

Michael Pollan was wearing pirate socks on tuesday, I saw them because his jeans were a bit short. they were black and white, thin stripes. I was bored for the first time in that class actually, the speakers were…not that engaging. Something about laws and regulations and legal jargon which seems to escape me at the moment. Check out my paparazzi skills.

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