I just wanted to share that today was a glorious day. it was sunny. it was warm. warm enough that I wore a skirt for the first time in about a month. however, when I decided to wear a skirt this fine sunday morning, I was faced with a slight predicament relating to the fact that I have not shaved my legs in a bit over a month. (is this tmi?) the question was, to shave, or not to shave, and the answer was quite simple. not to shave because I really didn’t feel like it, and I don’t care nor do I have any need to impress anyone, and so I rocked a skirt today and sat at a cafe and read almost an entire book. It was quite the amazing experience and I suggest everyone do it. (is this me turning all “granola”? I still shower, promise!)

On another note, Michael Moore came to Berkeley last night. It was absolutely amazing. This was a stop on his book tour, its an autobiography type work, filled with short stories from his younger days. He was really personable, funny, and very entertaining especially while reading from his book with different voices and intonations for every character. Of course he talked politics as well, but it was nothing out of the ordinary that we don’t already know, plus he was “preaching to the choir” because obviously the audience was a fan of his work and liberal. He was really adorable, in a strange sort of way sitting in a little red velvet chair and reading from his book. He actually mentioned Michael Pollan, wishing he was in the audience to have an intervention over his eating habits. He spoke for about 2 hours, apparently for free, and is donating half his royalties from the book to public libraries. I sincerely hope he acts in line with what he preaches because that would be a let down if he didn’t. From seeing him in person yesterday, he does seem very genuine and very passionate about the state of America, and he thinks the future of our country is in the hands of this generation because obviously the one in charge right now has no idea what they are doing.

I feel really disconnected from happenings outside the berkeley bubble. I have not read the newspaper in to long, I need to start making it a habit at least once per week. so that means making time for it…oh time.


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